British media neglects Christianity


It is often said that we in the West are living in a post-Christian society, but I think it is a more complicated situation.

I do not think that actually most people in the West have turned towards Christianity. We haven’t yet moved to that stage. In fact, I would say that for many people, actually, it is anti-Christian sentiment that has developed.

For example, people don’t have the same relationship in Britain towards Islam or Judaism that they have towards Christianity. It is very rare to find attacks or ridicule of Judaism or Islam in the British media. However, it’s very common to find this towards Christians. In fact, there is a negative attitude towards Christianity in the media.

Why is this? It is very common, especially among young people. One of the reasons is the fact of colonialism. Of course, Great Britain was a great colonial power and Christianity is associated with colonialism in Britain. There is also the question of conflicting values between East and West, which is happening now. Moreover, in the West, we have this conflict within our own country since the last five hundred years.

The countries that we are living in now in the West have been polarized for a very long time. Look at the question of single-sex marriage and how in France there was a march of a million people against it, which was hardly reported in the Western media. Therefore, you see how polarized these places are. You see that there is actually still a core of people who are against the doctrines of the liberal elite which have been forced upon them especially in the past two years.

In some sense, to say that we are living in a post-Christian society is correct, because the young people now have very little or no connection to Christianity. They were not raised in it and all they know are the negative jibes and arguments of the liberal elite which have been given to them through the media over the last fifty years. They may not know the Gospels, but they know Monty Python's Life of Brian.

It’s interesting that in France and in other European countries this is very different. You will find in those countries attacks on Islam as well as Christianity. This really doesn’t exist in England. The liberals in Britain feel that they should support Islam because there is the question of Israel. The core of Liberal elites in Britain have always been Palestinians. 

Therefore, it’s a complicated situation. It goes into many different areas but the binding thing behind it is the conflict of values which has been a project of the liberal elites since after the Second World War.

Now the Church is trying to become liberal by adjusting itself to the values of liberal society. It has agreed to single-sex marriage and even abortions. Therefore, it has become a humanist organization in effect.