British Elections: Brexit not canceled


The catastrophe did not happen, but it would be much easier for external forces to put pressure on London.

British voters "hung" the Parliament. Conservatives have lost the ruling majority and will not be able to independently form a government. For this to happen, the parties must find a compromise.

The main question now is whether representatives of the Democratic Party of Unionists will agree to block with the conservatives. If this happens, the Tories will have at least a minimal, but necessary majority for the formation of the government.

Having come to power after the resignation of David Cameron, British Prime Minister Theresa May decided to consolidate her positions by appointing early elections in order to start the procedure for Britain's withdrawal from the EU without any special obstacles and cement its personal authority.

However, her positions were greatly shaken just before the elections, primarily because of the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London and the successful information attacks from the Labor Party. Many began to accuse May, who previously held the post of Interior Minister, of inability to provide security and control over the situation.

It is important to note that, according to a number of economists, the scenario of a "hanging parliament" can become especially devastating for the pound, since it calls into question not only the future of the government, but it can also complicate, and perhaps postpone the beginning of negotiations on Britain's withdrawal from the The EU.

During the presidential campaign, the main topics were Brexit, migration and security issues. Naturally, the global financial circles and their proteges on both sides of the Atlantic tried to maximally influence the outcome of the elections.

The leading globalist's edition of The Washington Post published an article titled "Theresa May's disastrous gamble on the future of Britain," in which the author does not hide the slyness. He extols the left-wing liberal Corbin and the globalistic youth which stands out against Brexit.

"Corbyn's relaxed style was simply a relief with May's teeth-grinding anxiety, and his experience at the Labs rallies around the country More than anything, he appears to have been able to tap into the anxiety "As Labor's numbers went up, even Corbyn's detractors began to offer their begrudging approval.", Notes the publication.

Summarizing, we can say that the situation in the British elites is now less manageable. The catastrophe did not happen, but it will now be much easier for external forces to press London to achieve their goals. Brexit is not canceled, but new obstacles are on its way.