Brexit as protest against liberal elite's dictatorship


It is a very interesting question.
I think Brexit is misunderstood in the rest of Europe in compare to how it is understood in Great Britain.

Brexit opened out grey divisions in British society. This divisions are not simply about disconnecting with European Union. Brexit is only partly deals with the European Union, as far as British people understand it, In many respects, Brexit was a vote against political correctness in Britain. And the divisions are extremely deep.

I'll give you one example. A friend of mine works in a big bank in the City of London, he has many friends. After the referemnum he said to me: "You are the only person whom I know, who voted for Brexit." This tells how deep the divisions are. It is quiet rare to find a great mix of people, who are friends, some of whom voted for Brexit and some of whom didn't. Young people and students voted against Brexit.

But there is a great silent majority in Britain, who not only voted for Brexit, but uncomfortable with things like single-sex marriage, establishing and propaganda of LGBT rights.

In universities we have a situation, where there is really only one dogma allowed. And this is the dogma of liberal elite.  You can Read Foucault as much as you like, but you will not be able to find someone reading anything that is contradictory to this postmodernism and liberalism.

So, this is what I would say about Brexit: In order to understand Brexit you need to understand the people who voted for it and the divisions in British society, which led to it and where they came from. And I'll say one final thing: Vote for Brexit  was a surprise for the liberal elite, because they have almost total control over the Mass Media in Great Britain.