Berlin Christmas market attack: German Authorities reaction



Let us take a look at how it started yesterday and how our authorities reacted: The first reaction right after the terror attack in Berlin was zero. We had the reaction of foreign politicians expressing their condolences but there was absolute silence coming from our own politicians.

Afterwards, we had the reaction of politicians from different mainstream parties saying that they hope this tragedy was just an accident – and not a terrorist attack. Of course they were afraid of the political consequences.

The stupidest comment perhaps came from Ralf Stegner, deputy federal chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), who said right after the incident: "well, in a liberal democracy there can't be something like absolute safety". Therefore, he was literally dancing over the dead bodies of twelve terror victims.

Later on, the mainstream politicians continued insisting that we cannot be sure that it was a terror attack. At a moment when the whole world wide media spoke already about a “terrorist assault” German mainstream media and established politicians avoided that term.

Today we had a very embarrassing and a very cold statement of our chancellor Angela Merkel who, more or less, admitted that it might have been a terror attack. Of course she wants to be very careful. If the suspect that the police arrested yesterday - the illegal migrant from Pakistan who crossed the German border on the 31st of December in 2015 - was the terrorist driving the truck, then she holds the smoking gun in her hands. This man would not be here if she would not have opened the borders for a huge amount of migrants.

That is the situation now. We have politicians from all the mainstream camps telling us that their biggest worry is not about terror threat, but the strengthening of right-wing populist movements.

We are pretty much used to this kind of horrible statements by our own leadership, because we had the same reaction over a similar truck attack in Nice this summer. The first reaction was the statement that we should express our solidarity with migrants and not rethink our migration policy.

The political sarcasm in Germany is indeed our leading ideology. All our leadership figures have totally lost their connection with the society. They are refusing to speak about terror threat and the migration crisis.

Years ago already, German non-mainstream journalists and politicians were warning: "if we allow everybody to come, the bad people will also come". This simple truth was neglected by our government.