To be a conservative means to be a rebel


The Young Alternative for Germany (JA) organization is very strong and is growing constantly.

The youth organization has huge influence because young people have leading functions in Alternative for Germany (AfD). Also, we are working independently on self-development and on our own program. There is good cooperation between AfD and JA; we are very close.

70% to 80% of Young Alternative for Germany consists of students. Therefore, we are trying to work more with people in universities about our programs and ideas.

Of course, the main topic for young people is education policy, because now our government has an insane education policy. For example, they are trying to officially teach us that we have to believe in gender mainstreaming, which says that the idea of man and woman is not a biological fact but something in your head, just like a social construct. They are trying to teach that we have more than 60 sexes/genders. Therefore, this means that you can decide your gender any day - to be a  woman, a man, or maybe something else. Also, in German universities you can study such ridiculous subject as "gender forestry", which is about the relationship between forest and man, woman, or the other 58 genders.

In my opinion, this "education process" is an attempt to steal peoples’ identity. People with no personality are easy to control and suppress.

There are lessons in our schools for kids of the age of 8 or 9 which teach how homosexuals have sex in their private lives. This is an outcome of our new super liberal education process. We are strictly against those lessons, because this is the matter of the family and parents. But there is a great LGBT lobby in Germany which is trying to have a big influence on the country's education policy. That is the situation now. Our government's policy is about teaching young people that homosexuality is normal and that they have to accept this lifestyle.

Personally, I have no problem with homosexuals. These people can do whatever they want. But they must do it privately. This is not a subject for schools. I mean, we can talk about homosexuality as a phenomenon in biology classes, but not in other classes. School is not a place for lobbying. We know that this is a problem not only for Germany, but many European countries have the same situation.

Members of our organization are trying to fight against such ideas in German politics. Young people like to be rebels, and today, in modern Germany, to be a conservative means to be a rebel. You cannot be a rebel if you are Left. Young people in JA like to make provocations and protests.

To have traditional views is old-fashioned now. It must be normal, but in Germany if you say that a family consists of a man, a woman and a child, then that’s a provocation. You cannot say such things in this country anymore because that's “intolerant.” Our organization is trying to fight against the regime and protect traditional ideas.