Barroso, Goldman Sachs, and Trotskyism


Yesterday, it was announced that former European Commission President José Manuel Barroso is joining Goldman Sachs. This bank has had a scandalous reputation ever since its involvement in the 2008 financial crisis. Actually Goldman Sachs was involved in much more controversial cases and was criticised for a non-transparent policy and globalist agenda.

Interestingly, that MEPs started to attack Barroso, not Goldman Sachs.

MEP Pervenche Beres called Mr Barroso's attitude immoral and spoke of a betrayal. Socialist MEP Emmanuel Maurel said that several MPs are saying we should completely review the code of conduct for European Commission members, notably increasing the period from 18 months to 5 years before they are allowed to move into the private sector. They also asked Mr Barroso to give up his pension from the EC, since he had initially signed a declaration upon becoming president, committing him to honest behaviour and avoiding conflicts of interest. We also need transparency for all MEPs and European Commission and Council members who are in contact with Mr Barroso, added the MEP. The idea behind the call of France’s socialist and radical MPs is to motivate their parliamentary colleagues and have a maximum number of MPs demanding reform in Brussels.

Jean Arthuis, Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgets said: “If the elite do not have a minimum personal ethical responsibility…. They are contributing to the rise in citizen exasperation and undoubtedly, what we call populism”.

Jean-Paul Chapelle recalled that there are already precedents with former European Commissioners who are currently working in the private sector. Neelie Kroes is indeed a counsellor for Uber and Karel De Gucht for the Proximus telecom company.

In the Portuguese press, Mr Barroso defended himself by stressing that whether the choice is remaining in political life or moving to private companies, there will still be criticism.

From the point of view of "Katehon", it is very clear why Barroso did this. He is a professional trotskyist (like Xavier Solana for example) and Goldman Sachs is a kind of umbrella for neotrotskyist activity in the financial sector all over the globe. Any claims by MEPs are words only and are not focused on deep issues dealing with ethics or social problems.

«The Moor has done his work, the Moor can go» - Schiller wrote in his "The Conspiracy of Fiesco in Genoa". In our case moor (Barroso) will continue to do his job.