Barbarossa 2.0: NATO opens the Baltic front


Despite official statements, the troops of the North Atlantic alliance continue systematic preparations for a military confrontation with Russia.

NATO military trainings in the Baltic area are being held so regularly that you can hardly doubt the peaceful actions of our "Western partners". "Spring Storm" operation was change by  "Summer Shield". No sooner had the "Spring storm" come to an end, it followed immediately by the "Shot of the sword", which was replaced by the "Iron Wolf" and so on. All these are names of maneuvers that should terrify the enemy. Andonly one country, of course, is considered the enemy, which, according to Western strategists in past and present, covers too much territory and "unjustly" owns the largest reserves of natural resources in the world.

Why do the Baltic States need B-52?

The largest military maneuvers of the North Atlantic Alliance, Saber Strike 2017 ("Saber Strike") started in Latvia on June 3, 2017. According to the plan of the NATO command, their active phase is designed for three weeks. In addition to the armed units of Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland, military personnel of the US, British, Canadian, German, Dutch, Belgian, Luxembourg, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Croatia, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Finland, which is out of the alliance, take part in the trainings . In addition to the land and sea component, NATO actively uses aviation, including strategic one, in the trainings of Saber Strike 2017.

Therefore, six British B-52N and B-1V strategic bombers were stationed at the British Fairfield airbase, as well as a pair of B-2 Spirit invisible bombers which were capable of carrying nuclear weapons. On June 6, 2017, a group consisting of B-52 and B-1 strategic bombers was intercepted by the Russian Su-27 fighter aircraft over the Baltic Sea. Thus, our pilots also took some kind of participation in the NATO trainings, having worked out the interception and escort of the planes of the probable enemy. And what kind of aircraft! This situations is similar to one anecdote when, during an air show, one lieutenant colonel of the Russian Air Force saw a heavy eight-engine American bomber and rushed to him with an enthusiastic cry: "Oh, oh, B-52!" At this moment the flattered guard of the Americans, normally speaking in Russian, asked the lieutenant-colonel: "Do you like our airplane so much?" And they immediately received an absolutely honest and unexpected reply: "Of course, the Hero award will be immediately given to him!"

By the way, according to official data in Vietnam, the U.S.lost at least 30 B-52, and the local aces of Soviet MiGs  undoubtedly recorded some of them on their account with the originally Indochinese names "Li Xi Tsyn" and "Si Ni Tsyn".

Occupation to protect from "Russian aggression"

However, it's time to move on from jokes to serious topics. Regular military maneuvers of NATO with such menacing weapons near western Russian borders canreally cause concern and do not contribute to the establishment of a stable situation in the region, despite the fact that the representatives of the alliance and the Baltic republics assure that the trainings are supposedly exclusively defensive. Meanwhile, in the Baltic media, total anti-Russian hysteria continues, which  comesto the fact that our country is preparing  a "hybrid", full-scale military invasion.

Thus, they provide the local people with this information and prepare them for any hardships so as to prevent “Russian occupation". It should be said that some of the local people successfully believe it and do not notice, of course, that their countries, that they are so proud of their own independence, have already been occupied, and this occupation of the West is much more sophisticated and dangerous in its consequences than the so-called Soviet occupation or "occupation" in the era of the Russian Empire.

It should be noted that, in particular, the anti-Russian military hysteria is associated with the September joint Russian-Belarusian trainings  "West-2017". A special howl about these maneuvers rose in Vilnius and Kiev, where they accused Moscow and Minsk of preparing for a military invasion of Lithuania and Ukraine under the guise of these same trainings. The so-called Belarusian opposition, which received generous grants from its sponsors to start the information wave in the spirit of "Putin is occupying Belarus," did not stand aside either.  An active information and propaganda campaign that started in winter with the pitiful howls of Grybauskaiteand Poroshenko and the harsh statements of Stoltenberg are now confirmed by an indicative play with muscles.

Incident with Shoigu’s plane

As it was noted by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoiguon June 21, 2017, the NATO trainingsnear the borders of Russia show the reluctance of the alliance to abandon the anti-Russian course, which is confirmed also by the May summit of the alliance where Russia was identified as one of the main threats along with international terrorism.

"The situation that is developing in our western borders tends to deteriorate. This is due to the increased military activity of NATO countries in Eastern Europe. The North Atlantic Alliance is increasing its presence in the Baltic States, improving the infrastructure of their seaports, airfields and other military facilities. In the Baltic countries and Poland, the formation of four battalion-tactical groups is completed, the total number of which will be about 5,000 servicemen with weapons and military equipment, "the Defense Minister stressed at a meeting of the Defense Ministry's collegium on security issues in the western strategic direction in Kaliningrad .

It should be noted that Shoigu had seen the impudence and aggressiveness of the North Atlantic alliance the day before, when NATO fighter F-16 attempted to intercept a Russian defense minister's plane over the Baltic Sea during a flight to Kaliningrad, but was driven off by the Su-27 escort.

As the head of the Center for the Study of Public Problems of National Security, Alexander Zhilin, told Zviazda that the Americans acted like real robbers who had lost their minds during the air incident, they did not care about  all international agreements related to the movement of the top officials of the state.

Barbarossa 2.0?

On the eve of the 76th anniversary of the preceding aggression of the "united Europe" led by Nazi Germany against our country, NATO troops conducted a rather strange series of military maneuvers in the so-called Suwalki corridor on the territory of Poland and Lithuania. According to the plan of the trainings, the servicemen of the North Atlantic alliance were to prevent Russia from seizing this strategic area located on Lithuanian and Polish territorythrough which it would be possible to connect the Grodno region of Belarus and the Kaliningrad region of Russia. In addition, the Suwalki corridor is important because in case it is seized by Russia,  it can jeopardize the alliance forces not only in Lithuania, but also in Latvia and Estonia. These NATO maneuvers were called "Iron Wolf 2017", and the alliance command already reported on their successful completion.

This area of north-eastern Poland is very noteworthy  becausethis location was used  by the main forces of the German army group "Center" during Operation Barbarossa to strike the troops of the Baltic and Western military districts of the Red Army  76 years ago. This operation led to their defeat and loss of the Baltic states and a significant part of Belarus in the first two weeks of the war.

It also should be noted that in 2015, during the similar NATO trainings in Lithuania, the website of the military department of this Baltic republic reported that the real purpose of the alliance is to prepare invade in the Kaliningrad region. Subsequently, this statement was explained by the tricks of hackers, but there is apart of truth in even the most unsuccessful joke. Needless to say, whose face is hidden behind an open peaceful and defensive rhetoric of the"Western partners". It would be especially appropriate to recall this on the eve of June 22.