Bani Walid, Home of Libya's Great Werfalla Tribe, Shuts Down Serraj Spy


Bani Walid is home to Libya's largest tribe, the great Werfalla tribe, made up of close to 2 million Libyans. Bani Walid is also a beautiful city in the mountains south east of Tripoli, it is also protected by the mountains that surround it.

Bani Walid is the one city that the mercenary and Libyan traitor rats never controlled. They claim they did in 2011 but this was so much fake news. To this day, Bani Walid flies the green flag of the real Libya and the golden days of the Great Jamahiriya of the 43 years before NATO and the false flag phony revolution.

As Bani Walid is the home of Libya's largest tribe, it carries a great deal of influence in Libya. The people of the Werfalla tribe are Libyan patriots and Ghadafi loyalists (Green Resistance) who work every day to return their country to peace, prosperity and sovereignty - as it was before 2011. This truth is well known to the criminals and puppets who are struggling to maintain their illegal control over Libya.
In 2015, the UN appointed a war criminal who was responsible for destruction in Bani Walid and killing of its children, "Abdul-Rahman Al-Swehli" as a head of Libya’s highest authority, the State Council and appointed his nephew, "Ahmed Maiteeq" Vice President, his niece "Nihad Meitiq" General Director of the Foreign and his brother in law, Faiez Al-Saraj, head of the presidential Council. All this without election or support of the Libyan people. Serraj now calls himself "Prime Minister" of the Government of National Accord, but the mandate for this puppet government has run out. Serraj aligns himself with the criminal militias and other radical Islamic mercenaries who continue to hold the Libyan people hostage and continue to steal assets from Libya every day.

That being said, last week, Serraj sent one of his phony ministers to Bani Walid. The man, whose name is Uthman Abd al Jaleel, has the title of Minister of Education. This man is a well known traitor to Libya, he was a Libyan who, in 2011, was working with NATO and calling in air strikes against his Libyan brothers. Serraj sent this man to spy on the people of Bani Walid.

The people of Bani Walid know this man, Uthman Abd al Jaleel. They know he is a rat traitor to his country and they know that he was sent to spy on them because Libya will have a country wide election this year and Dr. Saif al Islam Ghadafi will be running and will be elected by the people of Libya. That means all the puppet, militias and mercenaries will be cleansed and or arrested. Thus, Serraj and his masters are scheming how to destabilize and corrupt the upcoming election.

The people of Bani Walid are sick and tired of the dirty games being played against their country, so when this man showed up at the gates of Bani Walid, they met him with armed force and fired upon him. They sent him packing back to Tripoli with a strong message to his criminal master.

The Libyans are fed up with the western interference and destruction of their country. They want no more of the dirty game. They are standing and they are fighting, they will take their country and sovereignty back.