ATTAC and its relations with the globalist powers


About ATTAC, you should know several things:

1. One of the main demands of ATTAC is the imposition of the “Tobin tax“, which is not intended to eradicate speculation (that would be the only logic and reasonable solution), but to allow speculators continue to practice their outrages in exchange for requiring the pay of a tax … Needless to say that this initiative has the support of speculators like George Soros.

2. Among the Attac funders, we find “Le Monde Diplomatique” which has shares in the Spanish media group “PRISA” (15%) and Lagardère (17%). .. And in 2003, the same French government funded Attac.

3. Attac, the friends of Le Monde Diplomatique, is the main sponsor of World Social Forum, which, since its inception in 2001, received financial support from the Ford Foundation (in turn linked to the CIA).

4. Susan George, member and president of the Transnational Institute Board (funded by, among others, the George Soros’s Open Society Institute), is ATTAC’s honorary president.

All these facts indicate that ATTAC is a clear example of “control of the opposition“.

As we have explained, ATTAC was one of the main drivers of  World Social Forum. This excerpt from an article written by Michel Chossudovsky explains very well how these international events led by activists and NGO’s are serving in fact for the globalist agenda. Here is how they approached the issue of imperialist intervention in the North African countries:

“While the “Arab Spring” was presented as a revolutionary milestone, in reality the US and NATO sponsored and armed insurrections in Libya (2011) and Syria (2011-2013), which were considered as part of the “Arab Spring”:

“Now, we are at a crossroads where the reactionary forces and conservative want to stop the processes initiated two years ago with the [Arab Spring] uprisings in the Maghreb-Mashreq that helped topple dictatorships and to challenge the neoliberal system imposed in the towns . These riots have spread to all continents of the world, inspiring indignation and occupation of public spaces.”

The uprisings in the “Mashreq” and “Maghreb” mentioned in the final declaration relate mainly to Syria, Egypt, Libya and Tunisia. The text of the statement is vague. No position is needed regarding US intervention and NATO in Libya and Syria.

What the document of World Social Forum (default) suggested is that “the Syrian opposition” which is sponsored by the United States, is “also” a genuine base of pro- democracy movement, comparable to that of Egypt. Similarly, the subsidiary of Al Qaeda “Libyan Islamic Fighting Group” (LIFG), who led the “Arab spring” against the government of Muammar Gaddafi, was also regarded as a revolutionary force. It should be noted that Libya under Gadhafi was the only African country that rejected the neoliberal economic agenda implemented under the leadership of the IMF.

Several workshops on Libya tacitly applauded the Western military intervention. A session entitled “Libya’s transition to democracy “, focused on “Libya without Muammar Gaddafi is better”. Several NGOs “progressive” and “alternative media” which had supported the humanitarian NATO air strikes against Libya were present in Tunisia. No statement about the criminal nature of humanitarian bombing of NATO against Libya was made by the World Social Forum.”

So, it seems that the generous donations from the Ford Foundation were transformed into quite specific facts. By the way, ATTAC also played a key role during the initial formation of the 15-M movement in Spain.