Apocalyptic Realism


We Russians don't need Ukraine. Christ needs it. And that is why we are there.

Three options are being discussed at the top right now:

  1. DNR + LNR + Kherson (and to this adjoins with necessity still to be liberated Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Nikolaev, Dnepropetrovsk) - with regard to Odessa, there is hesitation;
  2. Novorossiya all (with Odessa) and the undetermined status of Central Ukraine and the Kiev region (with the preliminary elimination of the leaders of the criminal junta)
  3. Complete control.

Of course, much will depend on how the destruction of the Donetsk Pocket goes. But it is worth distracting ourselves from immediate planning and looking at it from a higher perspective.

The way in which the Special Military Operation has begun and how it is unfolded for the first two months makes it impossible for the rest of Ukraine to remain under the rule of the Nazis and globalists. There is no imperial maximalism in this - this time. Imperial maximalism could have ended in Novorossia. And the other half of the former Ukraine live as you like. But now things have gone too far.

And an important factor was a direct blow to the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine. Stop at the first (generally flawed) or second option, and we throw millions of Orthodox believers to death, torture, and genocide. Nothing will be left of them. That is, we are now fully responsible for Western Ukraine.

Of course, this escalation is imposed on us by Kiev and the West pressuring it. Zelensky is ready to sacrifice everything in the hope of dragging humanity into a nuclear conflict. He no longer thinks of himself as president of Ukraine, Ukraine is defeated. I think he thinks of himself as the "antichrist. And he's getting more and more comfortable with this latter role. This is the peak of the clown's career, because many researchers have proved that under the mask of a jester since the Middle Ages there has been a figure of the devil.

But each new step we take is also fraught with responsibility for a whole chain of subsequent ones. So far, the level of confrontation is only escalating.

Maybe we were counting on a more restrained reaction from Kiev and the West. The West would impose sanctions and limit itself to that, while Kiev, realizing that it was losing, would throw out the white flag. That's how it should have been in the context of cold political realism.

But that's not how it went. The West is acting more aggressively than it could, and Zelensky is in a strange ecstatic state that cannot be explained by drugs. He sees himself as the "new David", battling Goliath, and with no chance of winning, calls on the whole might of NATO to deliver a death blow to humanity. This is no longer politics, but apocalyptic plots turning into reality.

Today it seems to our government that there is still a choice between scenarios 1, 2 and 3. But that is no longer the case.

Just as we cannot go back -- even if one wanted to, if one had any -- to a pre-22 February 2022 situation, bridges burned, so we can no longer stop at options 1 or 2. Even to them, to these -- the heights not yet taken -- we cannot go back. The stakes have risen in principle. The only victory for us can be option 3 from now on.

Let me stress that this is not the goodwill of imperial dreamers, this is the harsh prose of military-political, military-apocalyptic realism.

The cold analysis of wartime is now imperceptibly turning not just into a clash of civilizations, but into an apocalyptic scenario.

Here again, factors such as Orthodoxy, Uniateism, schism, Catholicism, and even Satanism, which seem to have long since been displaced to the distant periphery of society, come to the fore. Not simply ideologies collide (by the way, what these ideologies are colliding with each other is not entirely clear and conscious), but purely spiritual realities. And they unceremoniously invade the measured everyday life, demolish cities, bankrupt billionaires, destroy thousands of people, - including civilians, awaken the beastliness that was sleeping in the depths of man (or, conversely, sanctity), dramatically changing the balance of power on a planetary scale.

The first pestilence, the second war. We have become not just witnesses, but active participants in the Apocalypse.

Not only the fate of Heartland, but also the fate of the Spirit depends on who controls Ukraine.

Either this area of the world will come under the omophorion of Christ and His Immaculate Mother, or it will remain under the dominion of Satan, who will immensely strengthen his dominion over what is, in fact, the cradle of our Russian statehood, Church and culture, our people.

The fight for Donbass, for Odessa, for Kiev, and even for Lviv is part of the great eschatological battle.

Some suspected that it would come to pass, but we didn't believe it ourselves until the end, believing that not now, sometime later...

Reality precedes dreams - including imperial eschatological dreams. The era of materialism, economics, rational analysis, experts, technocrats, managers is over.

Ideas are returning to our world.

And the main battle from now on unfolds between them. Between the Russian Idea, the Catechon, the Orthodox Civilization, and the world of the Western Antichrist, coming at us.

It is not us Russians who need Ukraine. It is Christ who needs it. And that is why we are there.

And that is why we are not leaving it.