Another US bloody mistake


Yes,  it was a quiet limited upheaval right here in Turkey, organized by small group of commanders within Turkish army forces. The Turkish forces high commanders immediately rejected  the coup d'états. So, the Turkish arm forces as a unity, rejected this upheaval from the beginning.  The officers, who organized this coup d'états completely belongs to the CIA US-based Gulen 's organization. In fact, the upheaval was the answer to a case of inquiry, opened against two thousand officers, who belongs to the Gulen's sect (cult).  Also the upheaval is the answer to turkey's fight against the PKK.  Officially, the organizers of overturn said that they are for the peace in the country  and for peace with the PKK. They also declared that they rejected all the measures against Gulenists. But truly, the upheaval  is definitely  an answer to changes in Turkish policy, which is getting closer  to it's neighbors - the approachment between Turkey and Russia, the convergence with Syria, and new stage of political relations with Egypt. This upheaval  was definitely American sabotage as the reaction of Turkish foreign and domestic policy, which does not match with America's interests. America is very worried about our fight against the PKK, that is why they organized this attempt of the takeover.

The public rejection of this upheaval shows that there is a strong support of president  Erdogan's policy. Gulen is a sect. Definitely, Kemalists did not support this sect in the overturn.  The military, all different parties, including our Patriotic Party, we all supported the legal government.

The cataclysm is already finished. The last small groups of soldiers had been  arrested without fight. They were convinced to give up. The people, who participated in the overturn will be judged and the decision of the court can be expected.  For now there is no conflicts in Ankara and in Istanbul. Honestly, yesterday night it was already clear that this coup d'états will have no success.  The leading commander of Turkish forces declared on TV that he rejects the upheaval and stands with the Turkish nation.

The foreign policy of Turkey will fallow the way it was. President Erdogan  has no doubt about the initiator of this cataclysm. The Prime Minister  Binali Yildirim declared, that Fethullah Guler, who is living in US, should be immediately returned to Turkey. We expect that Turkey will strengthen the cooperation with neighbors - Russia, Syria and Iraq.

We should get this clear: this was a pro-American coup d'états organized by Gulen officers against the army , the government and the people. This was not the opposition movement  and it had no response in the population. Even the most brutal skeptics and oppositionists went on the streets to defend the State government. So, this was just another failure on the USA.