For and against Putin

President Putin must realize who his real supporters are. Yes, some Russian patriots (and the friends of Russia from abroad) are disappointed with him. He could have ended the Ukraine occupation of Novorossiya in April/May 2014 or in August of the same year, by liberating all of Novorossiya and all the lands east of the Dnepr, but he did not.
But the liberal traitors and (some of) the oligarchs are also disappointed because he did not let Donbass fall in July 2014. Putin obviously tries to keep both sides happy but this is a bad strategy as neither side is happy with it! The real supporters of Russia and Novorossiya, and thus of Putin –the patriots- are ready to literally give their lives as soon as he starts the liberation of Novorossiya from the Kiev nazis, and the liberation of Russia from the foreign bankers.
But the liberal traitors and those oligarchs that side with them will not support Putin if he does not sell out Novorossiya and Russia too! Instead, they will give money to “professional Maidanists” to overthrow the president even then, if they can.
So all true friends of Novorossiya, Russia and Putin must work to neutralize the bad influence over him that comes from the liberal traitors, the foreign bankers and some of the oligarchs, and we must be ready participate in the defence of Donbass and the liberation of Novorossiya when it starts!
And a good way to start this is to make the crimes of the Kiev nazi junta public in Europe too. Russia must use all available means and methods of information to show the people in the west what kind of criminals their governments are supporting in Kiev. That way people will understand the necessity of regime-change in Kiev and they will accept that this change will be made by the Army of Novorossiya with Russian help.
Remember that the Russian help to Syria is generally viewed positively by people in Europe in spite of the lies in their main stream media.
The west will not fight to save the Kiev nazi junta or stop the liberation of Novorossiya and eastern Malorossiya. They will impose more sanctions but that is a small price to pay for the liberation of Novorossiya and Malorossiya, and also: sanctions force Russia to become more self- sufficient and independent from the west, which is good.


Remember also that a defeat in Novorossiya will automatically raise the question of Crimea again, regardless of what the west may promise “in secret” to Putin. They are not trustworthy at all, their ultimate goal is the destruction of Russia, no matter if it is a Tsarist Russia, USSR, or the Russian Federation. Such is the way of our western "partners". I hope the president knows this, and knows his real supporters from his enemies.