America's Cultural Marxism Problem


Cultural Marxism and its destructive weapon called “Identity Politics” foretells the suicide of American society. But when one looks at how the Democrat party has sold itself to the theory of Identity Politics, it is clearly not a struggle for social equality. Rather, it nothing more than a very cynical bid for supreme power. That is, the party leadership knows they are able to level the charge of racism at their enemies. They can do this when needed and expect nothing more than defensive posturing. This is a very exploitable weakness, indeed.


Steve Bannon’s speech to Marine Le Pen’s National Front congress last weekend is a perfect example: “If they call you a racist, or a xenophobe, let them. It is a badge of honor.” What can be a greater sign of weakness, of total defeat in the face of one’s enemies, than advise a surrender to slander? Bannon would better advise, “If they call you a racist, tell them to shut their mouths! No protest of innocence. No argument of logic. Just shut them down!”

At this time in history, with three elected centers of power denied them, the Democrats wield Identity Politics as a weapon of mass destruction. However, this puts an entire swath of their own traditional voter base at risk. The white working class are easy victims of this cultural carpet-bombing technique. They might expose themselves to destruction as well, since every one of them are the same white wealthy elderly elites they claim are out to destroy America’s progress.

But these are desperate times, and desperation knows no bounds. Their desperation is evident by the obscure causes they promote, such as the transgender movement.

Now, transgenders are such a tiny minority as to be almost invisible in society. Perhaps one-quarter of one percent of the voting population will claim to be transgender. So, how is it that this microscopic group has the most national and cultural significance?

Clearly, it’s because the Democrats desires to use them as weapons to obtain more political power. Accusations of discrimination are easy to level in American society, and hard to erase. Transgenders are useful idiots in the struggle of Cultural Marxism to carpet bomb the conservative voter base into annihilation.

And obviously, it’s working where applied, such as the universities and public-sector employers. Whether it will work at the polls is another story.

One needs only remember 2008 and 2009, when the economy was in free-fall and an enigmatic yet charismatic man by the name of Barack Hussein Obama swooned the nation in a way that had never been done before. It seemed like the doom of the conservative voter base. Words like “George W was the last white President” were bandied about, and the Democrat legislature pumped out no-bid contracts, grants, and loans to pay back greedy donors who had funded the miracle.

Yet, they lost control of the Congress in the very next election and have not regained it since. After that failure, they are delusional if they imagine war on the white conservative working class will grant them endless power.

The problem of a two-party political system is that, should one party fail, voters will punish them by electing their opponents. Which they will do even if, as Democrat pundits rage, they are voting against their own interests.

The impact of Cultural Marxism and its destructive Identity Politics is unknown. If the United States were the Peoples’ Republic of China, then one could say for certain that Chairman Mao will stifle the Cultural Revolution the moment his enemies are liquidated.

But, since the Democrats are urging their Cultural Marxism forward in a chaotic fashion, there is no guarantee the damage will be confined to the conservative voter base. It may well consume and destroy them as well—just as #MeToo has turned the desperate gossip-run Corporate Media against their friends and allies in Hollywood.


Sidney Petron is a historian and political analyst currently situated in New Haven, Connecticut.