American rulers, their wars and the god


We were told by the US president George W. Bush that God had assented to his invading Iraq in 2003, a war in which the American invaders killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis and destroyed Iraq, plundered its wealth and its historical heritage.

Now the preachers of the same God (a Christian and Judaic god!) are saying that their god has nothing against it if president Trump uses nuclear weapons to destroy North Korea!

This miraculous intercession would justify a nuclear war on North Korea and at the same time save the presidency of Trump for any political problems he has faced since taking office this year.

It may surprise even some Christian and Jewish 'believers' that this 'god' works hand in hand with American warmongers and their imperialist rulers.

This also shows how the clerics and preachers willingly misuse their authority and exploit religions and 'god' for the sake of furthering the anti-human policies of the ruling elite and their powerful military-industrial complex. It is all for power, domination, and profit-making, nothing else!