Alexandre Latsa: Lifting Sanction - Russian and French Victory


I personally think that the adopted today French resolution is a great step for my country. As Frenchman, I'm very glad that our country voted against the sanctions, Mr. Mariani has a very effective policy in this sphere for long time, and we saw that today this policy was successful.

This is a very good political decision for France: it has shown that it can become independent and to choose the profitable way. It can stand against the American policy against Russia. Therefore, it is a victory for both Russia and France. It is not widely spread, but these sanctions were useful for the Russian economy, it can be said that the Russian economy has become stronger due to the sanctions, perhaps it would be better for Russia if the sanctions would last another 10 years.

But I doubt that it will be adopted completely. I do not think that the French government will follow the resolution. We can see that the majority of MPs who voted for the sanctions lifting, support Thierry Mariani, and everyone, who was against it, who wanted the sanctions to be prolonged, are the adherents of Francois Hollande's political party, the Socialists and ecologists. The ecologists in France strongly oppose Putin's Russia, so, unfortunately, I think that Francois Hollande will not take this decision quickly.

There is the possibility that the other countries will follow French example. I think that many EU countries are afraid to make such a decision the first. But if another country will give them an example, many of them will follow it. I think that Italy, Austria can take such decisions.