Alexander Latsa: on the future of Europe


The following interview was made by Natella Speranskaya


- November 8, 2016 was almost impossible – in the presidential election in USA won the man who dared to challenge the global liberal establishment. Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States of America. For me it is obvious that Trump's victory marked the collapse of the global political paradigm, and simultaneously the beginning of a new historical cycle. What, in your opinion, now will be the essential in the relationship between the USA and Europe, and what hopes do you personally have for the new President of the United States?

- Well I think that the election of Trump firstmeans it is possible to oppose the global agenda planned by the oligarchy using the existing rigged political system. This was I guess the main surprise for everybody especially in European countries. This is also a clear defeat for a global and increasing power: the Mainstream Media Corporation that did its maximum to make so that Hillary Clinton win this battle. After the Brexit, Trump … It’s now getting more and more obvious for everybody that they lie and will lie and lie to protect their own interest, far from the interest of the people.

This election enroll itself in a very special moment for the western world (Anglo-Saxon world + Western Europe), which facing a very complex but similar internal situation. It is clear that there is a lack of political model, there is even a breakdown of economic model, no more values, the demography is weak while local populations are aging and facing strong immigration waves from all over the world.One could say that the west’s operational system is not working anymore but the problem is even much deeper. The western world has in its majority obviously passed through its historical state of "secondary simplification" and enters its historical stage of Decay. No doubts that the election of Trump is an historical reaction to this.

Regarding what to expect, Trump has the historical mission to reverse all this open society dynamics and theories, all those orangism (promoting orange revolutions) that are destabilizing so many countries. In clear, stop thinking that the American model is the model to spread worldwide and therefore contribute to a faster than expected emergence of a more multipolar world. I am sure that those dynamics may, and will, for sure arise within the western world and at first within European countries. I think that what we see now in USA could be the future of Europe. First Trump has to succeed. Let’s see if for example what will NATO become.

- Donald Trump insists on the necessity to reform immigration laws, rightly considering radical islamic terrorism the fundamental threat to state security. A stranger to tolerance and political correctness when it comes to the lives of American citizens, Trump advocates tougher immigration laws and the creation of a special database containing information on all Muslims, who are illegally residing in the United States. Marine Le Pen also supports the idea of tougher immigrant legislation and proposes to establish a strategic alliance between Washington, Paris and Moscow against Islamic fundamentalism. Today we can summarize that the multiculturalism policy in European countries, suffered a complete collapse. Migrants beeing not able nor willing to integrate into European society, it gave rise to the problem of terrorism and promotiion of Religious Fundamentalism among European youth. "The policy of open frontiers" costs too much of sacrifices. Do you support the idea of tougher immigration policies and what specific actions to resolve this problem can you offer?

It is obvious for everybody that visited big European cities that the populations are less and less with European roots. Immigration policies have been a total failure; this sick obsession of a global world without borders (open societies) has left Europe without defense, like a sick organism without any ability to get any medication. It is clear that European countries cannot even decide who enters their territory and who cannot enter, as we saw it during the last 2 years with the Migrant’s crisis. Regarding the aging European population, the absence of borders and the demographic explosion to come of the African continent during the next decades, one can hardly imagine what could save Europe now.

On the other hand, which migrant from a Muslim country, having healthy values promoted by his Muslim cultural background would like to integrate to a model of society promoting gay-parades, promoting gender theory to children or actively showing an active lack of respects for religions? 

Yes, multiculturalism has failed. Yes, a nation cannot exist without borders. Yes, the immigration has been too strong and uncontrolled during the last decades. I however think that the main problem is a lack of a reliable and attractive European model of society. A model to which you want to integrate and adapt and a state strong enough impose to every resident or foreigner the respect of the existing, legal and traditional way of life.

- In recent years, one can notice the increasing dissatisfaction with the policies of the EU and increasingly heard talk about the dissolution of this Association. After 43 years of membership, Britain has decided to withdraw from the EU, even forced the Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron to resign. What, in your opinion, will be the fate of the European Union? Will be the example of the UK repeated by other countries? Donald Trump believes that it is inevitable (mainly because of the migration crisis).

- Yes, Natella I am sure that many more countries will quit the European Union. In fact, I even think that this union is no more viable. It still exists due to its size and its related inertia but I do not think that any state is happy now “in” except Germany and some central/east European countries that use the Union to get financial support and use the Union as a bridge to reach the NATO.

The Schengen Dream may indeed not survive to the migrant’s crisis while Eurozone is less and less balanced as we saw it with the economic crisis in Greece or Portugal.

I personally do Hope that the next country to quit maybe France, because such a big country exiting would definitely destroy Eurozone and the European Union. Probably it could not be worse and allow a total euro-reconfiguration. Unfortunately, it will not happen with our political elite, which is part of the globalist oligarchy.

- After the election of Trump "Anti-Americanism" change completely its meaning. If in the "Age of Obama" Anti-Americanism has been synonymous with the anti-globalization and meant confrontation with the unipolar project, the American hegemony and the liberal establishment, then in the "Age of Trump" Anti-Americanism is already a synonymous with the globalization, the North American imperialist policy, irrelevant pseudo-tolerance and multiculturalism, that opens the doors for a fundamentalists-migrants. In other words, Anti-Americanism in the current political context is becoming an integral part of the rhetoric of that same liberal elite, for whom the arrival of Trump was a real blow. January 20 for the opponents of Trump's was "end of history", while for us - a window of new opportunities and new options. The configuration of political actors and political forces has radical changed. But what if the current Anti-Americanism creates not only a wave of protests (the Women's March on Washington), but also more serious action? What can we expect from the globalists who now are in opposition?

- I deeply agree with your conception of “new configuration” and we must all hope that Trump will succeed and that America will stop to involve in the development and evolution of other countries. Imagine a world without this mandatory so-called American way of life and without NATO.

In the other hand, I think that everything can happen now, and that Soros and friends could be crazy enough to try to initiate an orange revolution in Washington and lead their country to a civil war, like thy did abroad for the last decades. Maybe they will try to impeach him however tend to think that it will not happen now because Trump seems to be acting faster than they do.

It is sad for Europe because with Trump and Putin, there is indeed an incredible historical window to catch but for this, we would need at first new political elite, and we clearly do not have it. French and European political elite will be historically remembered for its cowardice and incompetence.

- How do you evaluate the chances of Marine Le Pen to win in the upcoming elections? Is France ready for such a change?

- Slowly but surely the percentage of people reaching the point of anger is growing. Indeed the National Front will probably lead the election at first round but surely be defeated during the second round.

I am sure that the party is NOT capable of winning the election. It does not seem possible yet for many reasons and the national front, despite promoting patriotic rhetoric and promoting sovereignty has yet not even been able to establish any “program” while the elections are already in 3 months! It shows that the internal contradictions between existing clans are very strong. It score will reveal the real number of people which want to destroy the existing system. If it reaches 25 or 30% on first round, this will be a small revolution for France!
Unfortunately, it is not enough.

We need a French Putin, or a new De Gaulle, to save us and Today we cannot find him.