Alexander Dugin reveals the truth behind scandalous BBC film


The fallowing is a video interview script


First of all, I didn't know anything about John Sweeney, because I’m working regularly with different BBC teams and I have found finally that they're good guys and they do their job very professionally. I have no problem with giving them interviews. My experience with BBC was more or less positive. They were intellectual, they made arguments in favor of their position, and their critiques were more or less normal and acceptable.

But this time it was different. This personage, whom I haven’t heard about before, entered our office and began something incredible. He started attacking myself with completely idiotic accusations which were not against me personally, but my country, my president, and my people. And he did this without any reasonable arguments at all. He said that Putin killed Nemtsov, Politkovskaya, and other people.

And when I asked him to give me some kind of arguments to confirm his position, he said: “Absolutely, of course I have evidence! Putin killed those people because he worked in the KGB". After that I was attacked again: "You have hacked Podesta's files. Your KGB guys, yourself with Mr. Putin, hacked Clinton's emails!" I carefully asked him for proof, but he again pointed out the fact that Putin worked in the KGB. It became a little bit strange, I would say weird.

After that ridiculous discussion I proposed him to wait a little until Trump gets into office and start a proper investigation concerning the origins of these hacked emails, but Mr. Sweeney started accusing my again: “You have put Donald Trump in president's office, so we will never have a transparent investigation.”

This was enough for me. I was fed up with these crazy accusations with no arguments at all and finished this conversation. It was not because I was offended, but it was completely stupid and a ridiculous waste of time speaking with such an idiot.

That was an example of very low-quality journalism. It was not only propagandistic, but below any professional standards.

Also, it was strange for me,  because the BBC has never been like that. They have different positions and arguments, even criticism.

It was funny to see that two people in this film had refused to talk with Mr. Sweeney: me and Mr. Trump, who also discovered himself to be dealing with a lunatic.

I think this film is an absolute failure. It was made as a kind of sad goodbye by the globalist elites. It is the end of their awkward dictatorship.

Now, the objective audience can decide for themselves who is right and who is wrong.

Another interesting thing is that, before Trump, Russians were blamed for all problems - we were the greatest evil in the world. And we got mere or less habituated to this attitude. But now, President Trump has become another bad guy. The company of evil guys is growing. Two of the most big and the most important countries in the world are blamed in the mainstream media for promoting conservative ideas.

This ridiculous film is a sign of the globalists’ agony. No intellectual person will consider such a delusional film as a reliable source of information.

Now, we are entering a new kind of world order and we need a new kind of journalism, which could be at least argumentative. John Sweeney’s film refers to the old world order that reflects the past of the globalists’ domination.