Aleppo victory switched off the lights of Eiffel Tower & lightened the hearts of the Syrians


When Al Nusra entered the city of Aleppo, four years ago, and started shelling residential neighborhoods that were not under their control, killing hundreds of Syrians, France did not switch off the Eiffel Tower lights, but continued with the rest of its Atlanticist allies to oppose the Syrian army, who are fighting against Al Nusra and ISIS in all of Syria. Consider that al Nusra with the other factions that are fighting with it, achieved for them a "victory" by entering Aleppo; the most important Syrian city.

The steadfastness and determination of the Syrian army along with the Eurasian allies came to form a barrier against the Atlanticist plans and its tools concerning occupying the remaining of Aleppo and Syria.

In the year 2015, especially after the entry of the Russian air force in the battle, the Syrian forces began to regain the city of Aleppo, where she was able to go ahead for besieged neighborhoods controlled by Al Nusra with the rest of the allied factions three months ago. It became clear that the expulsion of al Nusra from Aleppo was just a matter of time. This fact created disquiet and great tension in the Western circles which felt that the Syrian army with the Eurasian axis have achieved the victory that will change the battle course in Syria and the entire region. For the first time in the history of Paris, Paris switched off the Eiffel tower lights in the evening of Wednesday, December 14, claiming that it was expressing its "solidarity with the Syrian people" and it is sad for them, knowing that it had closed its Embassy in their face since the beginning of the Syrian crisis, after the Syrian army restored control of most neighborhoods where there are al Nusra, as if it were a setback for France, and of course this state of despair prevailed in all of the Western circles that had supported fighting the Syrian army.

It is Aleppo which writes a new history of the wars in the region and re-forms the camps, slogans and alliances. With all that, Aleppo redraws roles since the decisiveness in Aleppo will accelerate following ones.

This scene includes other details: the war isn't ended at the most important city, because of the fact that terrorism is spreading in other regions. Here, it is stressed that international operators and regional ones are draining their tools with full capabilities, and the regional operators are draining also militants up to the humiliated option, as happened in Aleppo.

Mass rallies went out in the streets of Aleppo city on the evening of Thursday, December 22nd immediately after the declaration of the Syrian army the restoration of security and safety to the city after its liberation from the militants. Rallies toured the various streets to celebrate the victory of the army and its allies and the defeat of the insurgents from the city. The participants in the rallies carried flags and chanted slogans "saluting this great victory". The mosques announced Al Azan while churches rang bells throughout the city of Aleppo to celebrate the victory


The victory of Aleppo enlightened the heart of Syrians everywhere, enlightened the hearts of all mothers who lost their sons in this war, and restored the hope for every Syrian aspires to see Syria, dressing the jasmine flowers, and we can say now that after the liberation of Aleppo, the Syrian history will have a story of a legendary victory to tell to the future generations.