Against peace and against The US government: Why Rohrabacher supports Soros’ Balkans destabilization?

By Niccolò Caranti - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Why the supposedly maverick and independent congressman Dana Rohrabacher is endorsing the most extreme attempts of George Soros to destabilize the whole Balkan region and to create a geopolitical explosion? 

Many observers are asking themselves why the congressman is trying to gain favors with “Albanian” lobbies that are considered surrogates of the dying Soros machine specialized in coup d’état, financial looting, chaos and confusions.

The Macedonians, those in the fatherland, and the many in the US diaspora, saw the end of the “war and looting” plans of Clinton the danger to be avoided and enthusiastically supported Donald Trump. They saw Trump as the leader who could put an end to the Soros machine and let countries decide independently and democratically about their future. And now a Congressman, nominally of the same part of Trump, is advocating the dictatorial dictates of the Clinton-Soros gangs.

Triggering bloody Balkan wars, again?

The congressman had the arrogance to declare in an interview to the AlbanianVision Plus TV: “In my opinion, Macedonia is not a state. I am sorry, but it is not a state. There is such a division in their country they will never be able to live together in the future.”

The “division in their country”, the grotesquely confused Rohrabacher is talking about is, in fact, the consequence of many years of ferocious, well financed destabilization attempts promoted by the Soros group. The final goal of the “color revolution” unchained by the criminal billionaire was exactly the destruction of Macedonia as a viable country. It didn’t happen because the Macedonian people rallied around the elected Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

Is this an inside attack to undermine the new foreign policy of President Donald Trump? Is this a way, maybe behind even the limited understanding of the congressman, to create a major geopolitical explosion in the Balkans pushing again a “balkanized” war of all against all? Is this a way to sabotage a new foreign policy by the Trump administration? Is this a way to create a casus belli between the US and Russia, as dreamed by the Neo-cons and the Liberal Imperialists dethroned by President Trump? Let’s not forget that it was the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov who on May 20 2015 denounced exactly this plan in front of the “This really alarms us,” Lavrov stated in front of the Russian Federation Council members on May 20.

Rohrabacher wants to expand the Mafia Kosovo Experiment

Forgetting the true origin of today’s Kosovo  (a mafia dominated NATO protectorate from which people are escaping in desperation), Rohrabacher stated: “This is why Kosovars and Albanians from Macedonia should be part of Kosovo, and the rest of Macedonia should be part of Bulgaria or another country to which they believe are linked.” He forgot how the present day Kosovo was created and given to the terrorists of the UCK and the Mafia that controls large part of the heroin traffic in Europe: ”The idea is to keep Macedonia alive because someone 30 years ago decided it is a configuration that should come out of the dismantling of Yugoslavia.” But Kosovo was artificially created through violence, terrorism, ethnic cleansing and war crimes just yesterday and it is not recognized by some of the biggest countries in the world.

It is important to reject this last attempt by the desperate network of George Soros to destabilize the Balkans, Europe, and to undermine the Trump administration’s declared goal to bring about a new international geometry based on economic development and collaboration among nations. 

Lavrov denounced the plan in 2015

And let’s reflect on the words of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov who in May 2015 saw very clearly what had been planned:

"The events in Macedonia are being orchestrated from the outside quite blatantly. Attempts are being made to accuse the government led by Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski of incompetence and unwillingness to meet its obligations to the population, and he's also been blamed for a lot of other things".

The true reason for which the Macedonian prime minister is being pressed on is his refusal to join the anti-Russian sanctions, he said.

"Standing behind all this is the desire to affect him [the Macedonian prime minister] because of his refusal to join the sanctions against Russia. Such pressure has been applied to him, we know this for sure, and attempts have also been made to influence him for the fact that he had earlier supported the South Stream, actively counted on it in Macedonia's interests, and has expressed willingness now to cooperate in pursuing other options to supply energy resources from Russia to the south of Europe, including the so-called Turkish Stream option."

Russia is alarmed that, in order to put pressure on the Macedonian government, the Albanian factor is being engaged; in particular, speculation is under way on even more substantial federalization of Macedonia, he said.

"It's been suggested now that Macedonia needs to be federalized even deeper, so as to turn into a flexible federation or perhaps a confederation, and ideas have even been aired as to why notdismember it as an artificial state, with part of it going to Bulgaria and another part to Albania."