Acknowledge Weapons Of Mass Migration Or 'Legitimize' "Israel"

A deep divide has artificially been created in splitting the Resistance Community apart, and that's the issue of whether or not Kelly M. Greenhill's "Weapons Of Mass Migration" exist. The Harvard researcher proved in her 2010 book of the same name that there have been at least 56 instances of states purposefully generating, provoking, and exploiting massive waves of human migration as a means of promoting their respective policies, and keen observers have pointed out that the current Immigrant Crisis bears a striking structural resemblance to this strategy. 
On the other hand, some self-proclaimed "anti-imperialist" "leftists" have smeared anyone who dares to suggest such an 'ideological blasphemy' as being a "racist", "fascist", "white supremacist", thus manufacturing a nasty spat that has sharply divided an erstwhile unified movement. Whether intentionally or not, this fully conforms with the US' strategy of weakening resistance movements against it by pitting their members against one another, as can be visibly demonstrated by the paranoid 'witch hunts' that these radicals are carrying out in 'purging' their ranks of "fascists" and publicly condemning their former 'comrades' online. 
Fifth Generational Warfare And The Resistance Community
The author comprehensively wrote about how this new 'trend' is symptomatic of a larger manifestation of Fifth Generational Warfare that the US is waging against the multipolar world, in which Washington is seeking to provoke the fabled "clash of civilizations" that would unravel all of the pragmatic advances that Russia and others have made in pushing back against the US' hegemony. It's absolutely essential that the reader reference the article "Civilizational Aggression: Non-Western Revival And Leftist Rebranding" in order to understand the grand strategic reasons for why the US engineered the Immigrant Crisis in the first place and how some of the self-proclaimed "anti-imperialist" "leftists" are functioning as "useful idiots" in promoting unipolar agendas. 
That being said, it's an indisputable fact that one of the foundational tenets of the Resistance Community is its unwavering opposition to "Israel" and its decades-long occupation of Palestine. There's no quicker way to gauge the sincerity of an individual's purported convictions than to directly ask them whether or not they believe that the establishment of "Israel" was legitimate. No genuine supporter of resistance ideology would dare to argue that it was, since such an assertion would immediately discredit them in the eyes of the community and clearly demonstrate that they're either a misguided ideologue or a political provocateur. It's possible for people to have constructive debates about "Israel's" future status, but the entire conversation absolutely must proceed from the starting point of its illegitimate creation first. 
"Israel's" Establishment And The Zionist Movement
Accordingly, "Israel" is inherently illegitimate because it's the literal embodiment of "Weapons of Mass Migration", in this case, the large-scale migration of European Jews to the British colony of Palestine after World War II. The uncontrollable influx of new arrivals was utterly destabilizing for the local Palestinians, yet this process was 'legitimized' by a widespread "guilt complex" stemming from the perception that Jews formed a special category of World War II victims. This purposely misleading narrative was actively pontificated by Zionists in order to geopolitically 'justify' their long-held and publicly proclaimed vision of carving a "Jewish state" out of the Mideast, relying on their fundamentalist interpretation of religious texts to anoint themselves as "God's chosen people" and 'validate' their territorial claims. 
The Zionists exploited a global tragedy in which a broad plurality of millions of separately categorized victims lost their lives in order to single out the suffering of their single demographic, using the attention given to their plight in order to correspondingly demand self-interested geopolitical 'restitution' from the international community. They had expertly manipulated the "guilt complex" prevalent in the immediate aftermath of the conflict in order to carry out the aggressive large-scale migration of their religious compatriots to the targeted territory of Palestine, a demographic offensive which was soon thereafter ex post facto 'legitimized' through the US and USSR's diplomatic recognition of "Israel" and subsequently white washed. Nevertheless, despite the Cold War calculations that went into each superpower's decision on this matter, it was impossible for them to hide the well-documented and easily verifiable fact that "Israel" is the direct product of geopolitically weaponized migration against the Palestinians. 
From "Anti-Imperialist" To Imperialist Enabler
This returns the conversation back to the present time and the vicious 'witch hunt' that some self-proclaimed "anti-imperialists" are carrying out against their fellow resistance comrades. Their obsession with attacking anyone who raises awareness about the concept of "Weapons of Mass Migration" and frenziedly vilifying them as "racist", "fascist", "white supremacists" provides 'normative' cover for 'legitimizing' the establishment of "Israel". By denying the existence of "Weapons of Mass Migration", these self-proclaimed "anti-imperialists" are 'justifying' "Israel's" creation by refusing to associate it with the demographic aggression that was launched against the Palestinians. Omitting the indispensable fact that "Israel" is the planned result of Zionist-promoted weaponized migration reveals that these purported "anti-imperialists" are really just imperial enablers, whether through their misguided and dogmatic adherence to Cultural Marxism or through what might reasonably be some of these individuals' witting collaboration with the unipolar information agenda. 
The Choice
Considering all of this, a simple binary axiom can be expressed:
"Acknowledging the existence of "Weapons of Mass Migration" delegitimizes "Israel", but denying the existence of "Weapons of Mass Migration" 'legitimizes' "Israel"."
There is no possible way that a self-described "anti-imperialist" could refute "Israel's" illegitimate establishment without recognizing the integral role that "Weapons of Mass Migration" played in its creation. Only by affirming that there really is such a concept as "Weapons of Mass Migration" can one begin to deconstruct the "guilt"-driven narrative that has mythologized the Zionist foundation of "Israel". Well-intentioned resistance supporters can debate amongst themselves whether the present Immigrant Crisis is yet another example of this element of Fifth Generational Warfare or not, but viciously denying that there's even such a thing as "Weapons of Mass Migration" is unquestionable proof that the relevant individuals are fraudsters and should have no place in the Resistance Community. It doesn't matter if they're misguided "leftists" or provocative infiltrators, if someone self-describes as an "anti-imperialist" but refuses to recognize that "Israel" owes its creation to "Weapons of Mass Migration", then they blatantly contravene one of the core tenets of the resistance movement and are fundamentally subverting it from within.  
All members of the Resistance Community are thus faced with a very simple choice - acknowledge "Weapons Of Mass Migration" or 'legitimize' "Israel".