9/11: What really happened?

On the 15th Anniversary of the Biggest Terrorist Attack in the USA

This year is the 15th anniversary of the the events of September 11th, 2001. That morning, New York was faced with the collapse of the World Trade Center towers following attacks by (according to the official version) hijacked passenger planes.

According to media reports, in the evening, another passenger plane crashed into one of the wings of the Pentagon in Washington.

Then the investigation ran into a number of problems with this plane, since its fragments and the remains of the passengers were not found, and the hole in the wall was considerably smaller than the aircraft's wings.

This is not the only oddity to be found in the the Twin Towers’ destruction.

The official number of people killed is 2,843. In New York, there was enormous destruction, but in the midst of everything was a completely unharmed car with a Quran and the hijackers’ passports in pristine condition.

On September 11th, President Bush said that the attack was a campaign by Arab terrorists. CIA Chief George Tenet then announced that Al-Qaeda communications on the September 11th attack had been intercepted. Suddenly, it turned out that everything was known, but nothing was averted!

The investigation revealed a number of inconsistencies between the official versions. For example, the Federal Agency of Civil Aviation and Aerospace Defense Command of North America had no communication for 40 minutes after the aircraft was high-jacked. The media also ran inconsistent testimonies by Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. The authorities acknowledged that they were warned by intelligence services about the attack, but that nothing was done to prevent such.

Ironically, on September 11th, military exercises were conducted including a planned aircraft high-jacking simulation. In Gilbert Chesterton's book entitled Broken Sword, there is the famous dialogue: “Where does a wise man hide a pebble? – On the beach.” What could have been a better cover than such exercises?

Nevertheless, in spite of all of these issues, the 9/11 Commission came to the absolutely strict conclusion that this was a terrorist attack arranged by Al-Qaeda. The commission failed to answer a number of questions, such as why the towers fell so smoothly and why firefighters heard explosions inside the towers…

There are some other oddities as well. For example, FEMA representative Tom Kenny said in his interview on September 12th that the rescue team arrived in New York on Monday, September 10th, to start work the next morning. New York City Mayor Giuliani also said that on September 10th the rescue team was placed on 92nd, which after the explosion became the command center of the operation. Was this in fact a thorough preparation for an “unexpected” terrorist attack?!

On September 24th, 2001, NewsWeek Magazine wrote that on September 10th, a group of officers of the Pentagon had canceled their next morning flights. In February 2002, it became known that a group of businessmen who usually had held their meetings at the twin towers instead met at an air force base in Nebraska on September 11th.

According to the observations of Victor Friedman, the author of a very interesting study on the attack, the stock exchange was purposefully manipulated in the first days of September. According to Friedman, some people were very much aware of the future tragedy as the ratio of put and call options helped someone gain $10-15 billion. The owner of the tower, the big Israeli friend Larry Silverstein, received $5 billion in insurance compensation.

There was even evidence before the attack. One striking event happened in June 2001, when UFO-ologist William Cooper, the famous author of Behold a Pale Horse, stated that there would be serious terrorist attacks in the United States in September or, at latest, in October, and that Osama bin Laden would be blamed for them. This man knew unique information, and it is thus no surprise that he was shot by police in late 2001 who alleged that he had resisted police and tried to flee.

Police did not report that Cooper was a disabled Vietnam veteran and prosthesis, which means he could not have run away.

Finishing with this issue, according to witnesses, after the first tower collapsed, police were immediately sent to the second one and began to help people leave the danger zone.

Undisputed evidence is the fact that in July 2001 negotiations with Pakistan, the Americans frankly stated that they would seize Afghanistan in October. Before the bombings in September, the UK’s annual Essential Harvest exercises held the most significant concentration of naval forces near Pakistan’s coasts. At the same time, NATO maneuvers in Egypt ended in 40,000 soldiers being transferred to Pakistan.

The Americans have a wonderful tradition of solving geopolitical problems by creating a situation similar to September 11th. For example, on February 15th, 1898, in Havana, the US battleship USS Maine exploded. The battleship crew included 266 persons, 260 of which were black and 6 were white officers. There is evidence that, when the explosion occurred, the white officers had left the ship. The Americans accused the Spaniards of destroying their ship, which became the pretext for the Spanish-American war. As a result, Cuba become a US semi-colony.

The next precedent was the incident with the RMS Lusitania liner. Although the Lusitania was sunk on May 7th, 1915 and the United States joined WWI only on April 2nd, 1917, this event was a turning point for the Americans. We should this intriguing historical event in detail.

Although the Lusitania was a passenger vessel which could carry 1,200 people (195 of them were Americans), it violated all rules of war by carrying 6 million weapons for the Entente provided by the Morgan house. The Germans discovered this and and sent advanced payment to 50 American newspapers to publish an announcement that they advise US citizens not to sail on the Lusitania, as the ship would automatically become a target according to the rules of war by carrying ammunition.

But only one American newspaper in Des Moines, Iowa, published this announcement, while 49 other newspapers abstained as the US State Department recommended that they wait to ascertain the circumstances. Of course, nothing was announced later, and the Lusitania set sail. It crossed the Atlantic, as the Germans did not sink it, entered the English Channel and started to wait for the Juno pilot ship. After a long wait, the captain of the Lusitania suddenly received a message that the First Lord of the Admiralty, Churchill, had sent the Juno very far away, and that the US ship would have to wait a very long time for them.

Monitoring the ship, the Germans understood that they could not wait any longer and needed to sink the ship because of its very serious cargo of 6 million weapons. The order was given to destroy the ship. The British intercepted the order, but took absolutely no action. The Lusitania became the spark that caused the US to join the war.

It is also impossible not to remember the events of December 7th, 1941, when several hundred Japanese planes attacked the American base at Pearl Harbor, destroyed 200 aircraft and 4 battleships, including the Arizona battleship, and killing numerous Americans. As a result, the United States had a reason to declare war on Japan. Since then, US researchers have made many efforts to clarify the situation. Now it is practically proven that about a year before the events at Pearl Harbor, the Americans had managed to acquire Japanese codes. Thus, they were well aware of the Japanese plans. However, needing a pretext to start a war, Roosevelt did nothing.

As for Roosevelt, we should also mention the myth that “the New Deal solved all of the United States’ problems.” Sure, the New Deal solved some problems, but it also created new ones. These problems were so serious that in the 1930’s, Roosevelt was faced with a very dangerous rival in the face of Louisiana Governor Huey Long. Long was the archetype of Willie Stark, the hero of Robert Penn Warrens’ novel All the King’s Men. Huey Long was a leftist populist who founded the Share Our Wealth Society. By 1935, 8 million people were registered with his organization. In 1935, Hugh Long was killed, just like in the story of the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln. By the end of the 1930s, America faced a choice: either to make serious social reforms that could, however, lead to shocks, or join the World War (by the way, Roosevelt began to use the term “World War” six months before Hitler).

Sure, Pearl Harbor solved the problem of Roosevelt’s declaration of war against Japan after he had promised during his campaign not to take part in the war. At the same time, both he and the forces behind him were well aware that, in order to become a hegemon in the world capitalist system, the United States needed to wage war or, rather, needed a legal pretext to allow the US to respond.

Ironically, one of the last commissions which studied Pearl Harbor was closed on September 11th, 2001. The experts concluded that Japanese torpedoes were too outdated and weak to pierce the Arizona’s armor, meaning that something else had to have happened. Rather, there was an explosion on the Arizona. But since September 11th, no one is interested in Pearl Harbor, an “event of bygone days.”

On the US casus belli list, we can also see the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin in 1964, which became an occasion for the US to launch war against Vietnam. The Americans announced to the world that the North Vietnamese had fired on them in international waters. Then it became clear that sailors had opened fire on the vessel invading the country’s territorial waters, but by then the US had already used the incident to stage a war.

As we can see, the Americans have a very rich history of false-flags. Whoever wants to know the true story can easily find it out. He who does not want will sincerely believe that Al-Qaeda and bin Laden were behind the 9/11 attack.

Many authors have written a lot of about this character, but we will briefly discuss him in a different light, one on which this figure exposes how both evident and secret US policies are structured.

Bin Laden was born in 1957. In December 1979, upon the suggestion of his patron Prince Turki al-Faisal who was the head of the security services of Saudi Arabia for more than 20 years, bin Laden began to manage the financial side of secret CIA operations in Afghanistan with the help of systematic information, the matrix, which in Arabic is called Al-Qaeda (in English: “database”). Subsequently, a phantom organization (many researchers do not believe actually exists) appeared which the Americans accused of attacking the twin towers.

After the war in Afghanistan, the Islamists split into those who thought that the United States was the enemy and those who believed that America was a friend. Bin Laden was in the camp of Hassan al-Turabi, the leader of the anti-Americans. In 1996, Osama declared a jihad against the USA and Israel. In 1998, after the terrorist attacks in Dar es Salaam and Nairobi, which killed nearly 300 people and injured 4,500, the United States accused bin Laden of these crimes and put him on the wanted list. Then he was accused of all attacks, including 9/11. In 2011, we were informed that Osama was killed in a special operation.

According to very authoritative officers of Western intelligence agencies, bin Laden was already dead in 2007. As for the massacre of 2011, attention should be drawn to the contemporary American elite. The media showed how the White House, including the president, were invited to watch the show of this man’s assassination. Then, however, they did not say “wow” but, as was the case with Gaddafi, they joyfully contemplated the bloody murder.

By the way, all the American soldiers involved in the special operation were ambushed under rather strange circumstances and nearly all of them were killed within one to two months after the operation. Whether they were privy to some secret information or were simply prevented from seeking potential revenge is up for question.

In the history of “terrorist #1”, there is the intriguing fact that the bin Laden family had a privileged position and long-standing ties with the Bush family and with the family of Saud. Just one example is sufficient enough. In 1979, Islamists attacked and seized the mosque in Mecca. They shot down pilgrims and seized the mosque. Trucks and the Mosque layout plan were given to the terrorists by one of the older brothers of bin Laden. All participants of the attack were captured and executed except for the one who provided them with trucks - because he was from the family of bin Laden.

In fact, the Bushes, Sauds, and bin Ladens  are one economic unit. It is significant that The Carlyle Group was in charge of financing bin Laden’s group in the USA, which holds the 11th place on the American military-industrial complex list. The group was founded in 1987, and individuals such as the former head of the CIA, Frank Carlucci, former British Prime Minister Major, and George Bush Sr. all worked for it.

Bush himself repeatedly met with the bin Laden family. In particular, when he was making money off of illegal economic transactions around Harken Energy Corporation, he was loaned a very large sum of money by one of bin Laden’s older brothers, but he could not pay it back. This brother later died in an airplane crash while flying over US territory. Some journalists believe that this could have been arranged on the orders of George W. Bush’s father.

However, in September 2001, immediately after the attack, events developed quickly. On  September 12th, congressional resolution no.1368 granting the US the “right to self-defense” actually legalized the right to aggression. On September 13th, to ensure the population of danger, the White House was evacuated in anticipation of an explosion. On September 14th, Congress authorized Bush to use force against any country, organization, or individual who prepared, committed, or facilitated the 9/11 attacks. On October 7th, Bush announced that he had order attacks on terrorist and Taliban camps in Afghanistan. Thus began the American military’s Operation Enduring Freedom.

It is curious that senior US analyst from the US Army’s Institute for Strategic Studies Wang said that the current public support for military action is comparable to that which followed the attack at Pearl Harbor. Americans today say that they believe that the military action is appropriate, that they are willing to wage a long war, and that they are willing to face the negative consequences of the war.

Even earlier, Henry Kissinger wrote that the government should be entrusted with the mission to provide a systematic response that would lead, hopefully, to the same result as an attack on Pearl Harbor and to the destruction of the system responsible for the attack. This system is a network of terrorist organizations which are hidden in the capitals of certain countries.

What is very significant and symbolic is that both Kissinger and Wang mentioned Pearl Harbor. Kissinger knew that Pearl Harbor was a provocation as he equated Pearl Harbor to September 11th. Is it strange that on September 11th, he already knew who was behind the attacks and about their links to Baghdad and Kabul.

In September 2000, the US government announced the Project for the New American Century – Rebuilding America's Defenses. Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush (George Bush's brother), and Donald Rumsfeld were its authors. It says that the process of transformation, even if it will lead to revolutionary changes, is likely to be a long one if some catastrophic and accelerating event like a new Pearl Harbor happens. Again, Pearl Harbor is referred to as the model of the approach. Those people who perfectly know what Pearl Harbor really was in effect said that they need a new one!

In 2003,  the US-British aggression against Iraq began. If Afghanistan was a matter of geopolitics and drugs, then Iraq was geopolitics, oil, and the reconstruction of the Arab world to realize the Greater Middle East project. It must be said that the drug trade and the interests of clans that control drug flows play a very important role in all changes in the Middle East, from the American aggression against Afghanistan to the so-called Arab spring.

Before the US invasion, the Taliban cut down the production of heroin in Afghanistan, and after the invasion, it increased dramatically. The US invasion of Iraq thus provided the US military establishment with a very significant source of income. And not only the Americans, but also the British establishment benefitted, as one American general said that heroin production areas in Afghanistan were zones of MI6 responsibility.

In general, according to analysts involved in drug trafficking, 90% of drug production is controlled by three special services: MI6, the CIA and the Mossad, and 10% by various mafias. Blair today says that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. But it was done, and no one has been held accountable for it.

In September 2002, the Bush administration released a document entitled “US National Security Strategy”. It says that 9/11 opened new opportunities for the USA. Just perfect: the United States openly announced their plans and capabilities, and the world media kept silent!

When the Soviet Union shot down South Korean “Boeing” violating its territory, the world press foamed at the mouth in branded the Soviet Union….We should recall another thing: five years later, in 1988, over the Persian Gulf (not over the United States), an American aircraft carrier shot down an Iranian Boeing. About 300 people were killed. Ronald Reagan said that it was a pity that people had died, but the captain of the aircraft carrier, though mistaken, had acted absolutely correctly upon thinking that the aircraft could have been dangerous. The world's media did not criticize either Reagan or the United States. It is clear: when the Soviet Union shot down something, such was unacceptable, but when the “democratic and free USA” does the same thing, it is acceptable.

The fact that 9/11 allowed the Americans to solve a number of foreign policy issues is one side of the case. The second one is equally important. We can not disagree with those analysts and journalists who believe that the 9/11 served as a pretext for the US regime to change. The façade remains, but there have been some dramatic changes in the country.

The executive branch has created a new structure allowing it to extensively use methods that were earlier used by the CIA and the armed forces outside the country in the 1990’s and earlier, this time in domestic politics. America de facto turned into a military empire. This is very well described in the trilogy by Chalmers Johnson Blowback, especially The Sorrows of Empire and Nemesis.

Chalmers Johnson is a famous analyst and CIA veteran. In the late 1990’s, he was concerned by developments in the USA and wrote a trilogy in which he showed that the Clinton presidency represented a very important change in the United States. According to Chalmers Johnson, the military de facto took control over the US and 9/11 allowed de facto to be turned into de jure. But how?

On October 8th, 2001, the Department of Homeland Security was created in the United States headed by Tim Ridge. This event marked the beginning of reforms of the American state system. It was the equivalent of the Bureau of National Security Council and, in fact, turned into something similar to the bureau for military mobilization during the Second World War. The Patriot Act adopted on October 26th, 2001 dramatically increased the powers of investigating authorities, strengthened control over the US population, and gave a leg up to police arbitrariness. Thus, in the name of fighting terrorism, a police state was institutionalized in the United States.

In November 2002, under the pretext of anti-terrorism, Bush signed into commission the Total Information Awareness program. This program allows the US government, without any restrictions, to collect any information on everyone who can interest it from any databases. Admiral John Poindexter became responsible for the operation. This man was involved in the Irangate scandal of 1986-1987 during the Iran-Iraq war in connection with the secret import of weapons to Iran from countries such as Israel and the United States... The investigation lasted for a very long time, and only in 1999 did he receive an 18 month prison sentence for the destruction of documents that attested to his guilt.

In addition to Total Information Awareness, the Americans launched another program of information control: Matrix (what a name!). Under the guise of anti-terrorist information gathering, the program collects information about all US citizens and their preferences. Not without reason, many analysts say that if in the 1990’s the United States turned into a military empire, then after 9/11 it quickly turn into a new Reich, into a fascist state.

In the article “The Emergence of a Fascist American Theocratic State” published in February 2002, the journalists John Stanton and Wayne Madsen wrote that historians will recall that, between November 2001 and February 2002, the democracy the appeared as such after the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, died. And while democracy was dying, the fascist and theocratic American state replaced it.

As they say, “every acquisition is a loss and every loss is an acquisition.” During the Bush presidency, American neoconservatives awoke forces in the Middle East that they cannot control. America is overextended. The Americans needed to abandon their old Middle Eastern presence and return as something else. During this change, they needed controlled chaos - the very kind that Islamists are wreaking now, who are called the watchdogs of American-style globalization by R. Labeviere.

As often happens in history, an event solving short-term issues measures creates medium-term challenges. To solve the problem of the medium-term, medium-term measures are necessary which in turn generate long-term, systemic problems which can not be resolved without changing the system. Today it is clear that the situation in the Middle East has spun out of the US’ control as chaos is becoming manageable and turning against its masters. They have been halted in Syria by Russian positions as well as those of China, Iran, and other forces. In this situation, we cannot exclude a nervous breakdown of the hegemon, especially if the US president will be the woman known as Killary Clinton.

American journalists have linked about 400 deaths to the Clintons. If this is true, then we have a second Bonnie and Clyde, but not cinematic ones. We must remember that people are not inclined to restrain their nervous impulses, whether in daily life or foreign policy, especially if they are well aware of the language of force. Then they keep their promises. Gaddafi believed he could bargain with this power, and he paid the price. With regards to other persons often referred to as partners, Shakespeare’s Hamlet

believed without power and paid the price. With regard to these persons, which are now often referred as partners, Shakespeare's Hamlet at the time said: “whom I will trust as I will adders' fanged”. Should we believe in any “restart” and the many other things offered by such people?

... As for 9/11, the whole truth about such will most likely never be known. The whole detailed truth is not needed now. Almost everything was clear from the beginning. We have only one question: cui bono?

I think that now, when America is in a much worse position than at the end of the 20th century, we should not expect another war. The CIA is preparing for such, but in contrast to the Mossad or MI6, their work is very crude and rough. Hence why they rely on their media.

US journalist propagandists are so successful that even a significant portion of American professors - the country’s intellectual elite - believe that the Twin Towers were exploded by bin Laden on September 11th, 2001. In such a case, it can be said: “Kennedy was killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. He did it alone, of course as previously Booth killed Lincoln, and Sirhan Sirhan, who shot Robert Kennedy”  - the investigation is over, forget it.

But we can hardly forget the events of September 11th, since this provocation forged the last desperate offensive by the most aggressive segment of the Anglo-American elite seeking to save itself at the expense of the majority of humanity.

Translated by Katehon