5 survival tips in case Hillary Clinton becomes US president


The American nation is entering a tough historical period, with the financial elites have brought the country to the verge of collapse in both economical and political terms. The upcoming presidential elections is the last chance for American patriots to stand for freedom and the sovereignty of the state. In November, the choice will be between preserving the US and making the country great again, or plunging it into the darkest crisis so far. Here are five survival tips for you in case Hillary manages to get into the White House.

1.     Buy all the guns you can, and hide them. One of the main points in this politician’s agenda is to deconstruct the cornerstone right of every American – the right to keep and bear arms. Under Obama’s administration we already have felt severe pressure, but it will be nothing in comparison to what Clinton is going to do. So after the results are announced, rush to your local gun store and buy all the guns and ammunition you can. It will be the last chance for you to have real weapons that can help protect your family and property.

2.     Tighten security measures. Discuss with your neighbors and relatives how you are going to defend yourself in case local authorities can’t cope with the influx of migrants that will flush in US right after Clinton wins the race. Europe can be a sinister example: don’t let anyone touch your family, so defend them. Building a fortification that unites several houses is the best solution: barbed wire, 10+ ft. brick walls, turrets – all of these should be part of your new reality.

3.     Pay more attention to your children. Clinton’s agenda contains such points as the promotion of LGBT issues among minors and softening anti-drug legislation. So in the very near future we all will have to fight for our children’s rights to be straight, healthy, and traditional.

4.     Defend your wife. Women are the second group Clinton is going to attack: Abortion will be promoted and imposed ubiquitously. Because in Hillary's America there is no place for a woman who is a caring mother and wife. Women will be forced to become aggressive asexual cyborgs fighting for transsexual and LGBT rights.

5.     Watch yourself. Conservative heterosexual men will be proclaimed the main threat to national security. This is because this group of people bears not only arms but the values of the Founding Fathers which were elaborated with the aim of guaranteeing the rights Americans for generations to come. So watch your back all the timess – if Hillary wins the good days will be gone..