WikiLeaks prepares new reports on Clinton


Julian Assange has promised to publish new, additional materials related to Hillary Clinton’s election campaign.


Earlier, data stolen by hackers from the Democratic Party’s servers was published on the internet, in which there was empirical evidence of links between Hillary Clinton and George Soros, various foreign politicians, and corporations. It is assumed that not all of the information was made public the last time.

Also giving rise to a scandal was the revelation of Bernie Sanders’ manipulation by a group within the Democratic that showed conspiracy and a violation of ethical standards in the leadership.

Corruption surrounds the Clinton couple

Facts of corrupt relations between the Clinton couple and various non-state actors have also come to light. While occupying the post of Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton provided services to different persons, giving them insider information and lobbying their interests in government in exchange for donations.


Who benefits from the leaks?

Of course, the distribution of such information plays into the hands of Clinton’s main rival in the upcoming elections, Donald Trump. However, it is unlikely that he could have arranged the hacking.

Seeing as how a rather strange balance of power has developed in the US after a hundred years, this campaign promises to be a much more interesting conflict.