Why Trump’s ratings are higher than the media says


The US Republican Party presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is once again ahead of Hillary Clinton in the polls according to information announced over the weekend. The survey was conducted by Ipsos Social Research Institute.

The real ratings

The publication of this data suggests that support for Trump is even higher than that for Clinton.

First of all, mainstream social research agencies understate Trump’s real rating. Ipsos, after all, is a globalist transnational company.

Secondly, Ipsos’ leading partner in the survey, Reuters, is conducting an active media campaign against Trump. Therefore, the published ratings have been furnished so as to demonstrate just a “little gap” between Trump and his rival.

Thirdly, given the dictatorship of political correctness, many who are willing to vote for Donald Trump are afraid to speak openly about supporting him.

Fourthly, Clinton’s key constituency is made up of various minorities who usually demonstrate a low turnout at elections. Many of those who support Clinton for political-identity reasons will not actually come out to the polls on election day. A case in point is the low turnout among African-Americans. At the same time, Trump’s proponents are motivated for change and will show up to vote. As a general trend, Republicans tend to vote more consistently than Democrats even though there are more registered Democrats on paper.

Who else will support Trump?

The fact that such a rating was nevertheless published might indicate that some portion of the US elites are willing to accept a Trump presidency, or are at least considering such an option