Vucic wins


As was expected, the current Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was able to win the first round of the presidential election.Therefore, this victory will allow the Progressive Party to finally concentrate all power in their hands - and this will inevitably hit democracy in Serbia.

Almost a President

According to the Serbain Central Election Commission, Vucic is winning the presidential election with 59.79 percent of votes.

Vucic has already claimed a win and outlined his views on the Belgrade's future policies - Serbia will continue its pro-European policy but is going to maintain friendly relations with Russia and China. Also, he expressed his gratitude to Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel for their support. 

The second round of election is scheduled for April 16, provided that none of the hopefuls gets 50 percent of votes.

Vucic’s “balancing” policy

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has made a big show over the past couple of years about the delicate Yugoslav-like balancing act that he publicly purports to be pursuing between East and West, pointing to his government’s EU aspirations as proof of its Western inclination though reminding the public that his failure to follow Brussels’ lead in sanctioning Russia is apparently validation of his society’s pro-Eastern sympathies. Most media outlets in Serbia are controlled in one way or another by the government, so regular Serbians could be forgiven for thinking that this schizophrenic policy has somehow yielded soft power benefits for their country. The reality, though, couldn’t be more opposite than the image being projected, since Vucic’s “Great Power Balancing” strategy is nothing more than a cheap play on the public’s nostalgia for the Yugoslav era of greatness that their country enjoyed during the Old Cold War.