US steps up trade war with China


Washington launched a case against Beijing over duties on raw materials.


"Daughter" of the US will judge

The Obama administration announced that the US authorities have filed a formal complaint with the WTO against China over export duties on nine key raw materials.

The US claims that China has not fulfilled the obligation to cancel the fee in the amount of 5% to 20% charged on the export of materials, including cobalt, copper, graphite, lead, and tin.


Liberal aggression - the destruction of competitors

US companies using graphite for the production of lithium-ion batteries, and cobalt to make gas turbine engines, are now forced to pay more than some other countries competing with the United States.

Washington's task is to bring down prices and eliminate any competitors.

Not coincidentally, Vice President Joe Biden said: “We’re going to continue to be as aggressive as we can when any country violates agreements they made, hurting American businesses, American entrepreneurs, American workers”.


Synchronized attack

It is significant that the United States filed a complaint immediately after the United Nations Arbitration Court rejected China's claim to a number of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, preferring the Philippines.

It fits into the overall concept of the US-led network war against China, where one of the principal factors is the right timing for the attack (not necessarily by military means), so that the enemy does not have time to mobilize its resources to respond.

In total, during Obama’s reign of the US, 13 complaints against China were filed at the WTO. All cases were won by the United States.