The US State Department spokesperson leaves Minsk


After a two-day visit the deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs of the US State Department Bridget Brink leaves Belarus.


The official purpose of the State Department's special representative has been monitoring of the situation in Belarus. Bridget Brink has held several meetings, some of them with country's officials. It is reported that these meetings were aimed to help the US government to improve relations with Minsk.

However, it is clear that the real purpose of such monitoring was to prepare the next protests on the territory of the Union State. This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the first Brink's meeting was with local opposition.

Role of sanctions

October, 31 is the deadline of the sanctions imposed on Belarus by the USA. It is believed that the results of her visit will depend on the fate of sanctions: their extension, continuation of suspension or elimination.

Minsk, Unlike Moscow, believes that the sanctions damages the economy and is trying to seek their removal. This, of course, gives an advantage to the White House to put more pressure on Lukashenko and his government.


Bridget Brinks is leaving with a sense of accomplishment. She called her visit very successful, as well as many officials of Belarus. Among other things, she noted the transparency during the elections, which resulted with the first two parliamentary seats for opposition, and the lack of the "hand of Moscow".

It has become known that the suspension of the sanctions regime will probably be extended - for at least six months. There will be no lifting of the sanctions.This shows that Washington needs a leverage over Minsk.

However, "the State Department expects the further improvement of relations," and therefore, we must be ready for new provocations.