The US is Preparing Strikes Against Syria


The US is fully prepared to strike Syria on an immeasurably larger scale than it was on April 7 of this year.

Currently, as reported by CNN on the eve, in the region there are aircraft carrier George Bush, two destroyers and two cruisers equipped with Tomahawks. In neighboring countries with Syria, dozens of American aircraft have settled down, which can join at any time the next punitive operation to punish Damascus for a too successful fight against terrorists.

What does the US lack to attack Syria?

For a massive strike on Syria Washington lacks only two things:

1 Terrorist's rovocation  with alleged chimical attack by Syrian authorities, which was recently announced by the Pentagon and the State Department.
2) Political will. Trump didn't order to attack. For now, he is waiting for Russia's reaction, and is ready to use this circumstance as blackmail of the Syrian authorities and their allies

In any case, the provocation the new "chemical attack" of the "bloody Assad's regime" is unlikely to take place until the beginning of the next month, when the G20 summit opens in Hamburg.