US plans nuclear war in Korea


In South Korea, the Korea-US Ulchi Freedom Guardian joint maneuvers have begun. The exercises include training for a nuclear strike on North Korea. In response, North Korea has threatened to launch a nuclear attack on South Korea if the US side follows through with the provocation.

Large-scale exercises

The Ulchi Freedom Guardian exercise involves 25,000 American and 50,000 South Korean soldiers. Also involved are soldiers from Australia, the UK, Denmark, Italy, Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, the Philippines and France. In total, together with the staff and public servants of the Republic of Korea, half a million personnel are participating in the exercises.

Nuclear threat

An important element of the exercises is the planning and simulation of nuclear missile strikes on North Korea in the event of war on the Korean peninsula. North Korea perceives the US exercises as hostile and fears provocations. Representatives of the Juche country have already said that they are ready to answer the slightest encroachment on their country’s sovereignty with a nuclear strike.

Information war

The fact that the United States is working through the possibility of a pre-emptive nuclear attack on North Korea shows who the real warmonger is in this situation. However, global media have, as expected, joined the US’ position and called the exercises “training to repel the North Korean threat.”