US imposes new sanctions against Russia


The US Treasury Department has announced the relevant information on new sanctions against Russia.

Old tune

The reason, as stated on the website of the US Treasury, is "Russian violations of international law and provoking the conflict in Ukraine." However, we all know that the US is the largest violator of international law and that the coup d’etat in Ukraine in February 2014 was initiated with the direct participation of State Department official Victoria Nuland.

The list includes 81 companies from Russia, Hong Kong, and India.

Washington's self-isolation

It is obvious that such actions hurt mainly the US, as they impose more restrictions on the activities of their own companies and nationals. Meanwhile, US partners, such as Bahrain and Qatar, have concluded a number of contracts with Russia on the supply of military products.

If Washington will continue to behave so rashly, then more and more countries will cease to cooperate with the United States, as sanctions can be traced back to the desire of the leadership of this country to force everyone to play only by American rules. This is not acceptable even from a liberal standpoint.