UN Security Meeting in Tripoli


The United Nations Mission in Libya announced the arrival of the Minister of Internal Affairs Fathi Pasha, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and international ambassadors on January 17 to attend a meeting organized by the United Nations Security Mission in Tripoli.


According to the press service, the UN mission noted that the meeting had reviewed the vision and action plan for the development and empowerment of the security departments in the ministry, as well as the needs necessary for the implementation of this plan.

The special envoy, Hasan Salama, and his deputy for political affairs, Stephanie Williams, opened an extended meeting of interior ministers headed by Pashana and ambassadors of the international community in the presence of British and British ambassadors in Libya and a representative of the US ambassador.

“We lack material resources in Libya, but what we ask of the international community is the complex training, technology and equipment necessary to monitor, monitor and combat crime and terrorism,” Pashaaga said to the ambassadors of the international community.

He also reviewed the most important tasks facing the ministry: "Armed forces, the proliferation of weapons outside the control of the state, organized crime, terrorism and intimidation, illegal immigration, arms embargoes, political separation and the fragmentation of security institutions."