Ukrainian "Silk Road" bypassing Russia turns out to be useless

The Ukrainian cargo delivery project bypassing Russia has failed, and now the container train sent to deliver the goods via the "Silk Road" has not re-entered the track due to lack of customers and products for transportation. This was reported by a number of outlets referring to the research center of logistics company Zammler.

The spirit of contradiction

After the coup in 2014 and the deterioration of relations with Russia, the Kiev authorities have, from time to time, tried to take part in various projects that exclude the neighboring state. However, like in the case of the "Silk Road", they often end in failure. The reason for this is the historic integration of the infrastructure in both Russia and Ukraine, which used to be a single state.

Ukrainian silk

The transportation project "Ukraine - Georgia - Azerbaijan - Kazakhstan - China" is irrational because it implies a crossing of two seas. This is a very costly procedure: with a use of special equipment, the train drives onto the ferry, and then drives off it. Because of this, transportation costs and transportation time are significantly increased. An alternative route through Russia turned out to be one and a half times cheaper. That is why the Ukrainian container train is unclaimed and is now stuck at the border between China and Kazakhstan.