Ukraine and Turkey are under pressure from Russia

Russia has begun the food embargo against Ukraine and has canceled the free trade zone with the country. Also, the visa-free regime with Turkey has been suspended and a ban has been placed on the import of Turkish goods and laborers with Turkish citizenship inside the Russian Federation.

Problems in Ukraine
At the end of June 2014, Ukraine signed an Association Agreement with the EU, which includes the creation of a Free Trade Zone. In response, Russia said it would take appropriate action. The decree on the abolition of a free trade zone with Ukraine was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the end of December.
In addition, Ukraine had been obliged by December 20th, 2015, to repay the bonds of foreign government loans of $ 3 billion. Kiev was unable to meet its obligations. Russian Ministry of Finance started preparing for a trial with Ukraine. The lawsuit will be filed in English courts.
Ukraine previously joined the EU sanctions against Russia and canceled air traffic with Russia.
Turkey is under sanctions

Russia has imposed a number of sanctions against Turkey for shooting down of the Russian bomber. The Turkish side has refused to apologize or pay financial compensation. In response, Moscow has banned Turkish legal entities (companies) in Russia , imports on a number of agricultural products, and light industrial products. In addition, on  January 1st, 2016 a visa regime for Turkish citizens was introduced.

Ukraine is experiencing serious economic problems and new sanctions from Moscow severely affect the country. The Ukrainian side will try to use Belarus as a transit territory for the export of its agricultural products, but Russia has promised to strengthen customs controls. In addition, these products can not be directed to the EU, as there exists another certification requirement.
Turkey also suffers from Russian sanctions. Moscow calculates that with the support of the Kurdish opposition in Turkey, it will create additional problems for the current political regime, and it will be forced to submit to the Russian demands. It is likely that the conflict with Turkey can be resolved more quickly than with Ukraine, as Ankara is trying to have a more independent policy than Kiev, fully controlled by Brussels and Washington.