Turning point could happen in Mosul


Iraqi government troops supported by various paramilitary volunteer forces have recaptured half of the city from ISIS, almost reaching the Tigris River.

The strategic feature

The Tigris River divides the city into two parts. Therefore, after reaching the river and sweeping the captured parts, Iraqi forces will have strong positions on the territory from which they can regroup and prepare a new attack on the terrorists. 

The humanitarian crisis

According to the UN, about 82,000 inhabitants of Mosul and the surrounding area are now forced to leave their homes. This number is approximate. According to preliminary estimates in connection with military actions, the number of displaced persons could be twice as large.

Another mistake of the Western coalition

Yesterday, on December 7th, more than 70 civilians were killed during an airstrike on the town of Al-Qaim. The target of this attack was a city market. No official apology from the perpetrators has been received.