Turkey will not follow Israel

Turkey sees no normalization of relations with Israel unless its conditions for ending the Gaza blockade and compensation for the deaths of 10 Turkish activists are met, presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said on Monday.
Information about the reorientation of relations between the two countries was announced about a week ago. Now it seems that Ankara was overconfident in its own projections because of Russian sanctions, and reality is more complex than a change of strategic direction by will of one political leader.
Why Turkey wants to keep good face

Relations worsened in 2010 when 10 Turkish activists were killed in a raid by Israeli commandos on a Turkish boat, the Mavi Marmara, which was trying to breach the blockade on the Gaza Strip. After that, Ankara officially pronounced a boycott of Israeli politics and more support for Palestinian people. In reality, most of the important contacts between Israel and Turkey have been safe this whole time. Only some deals required arrangement by proxy actors. So Turkish-Israeli ties were normal, but in public it was promoted as "antagonistic". Now Turkey turned to Israel because of the possible export of natural gas - Russian supplies after the incident with downing of the bomber seem no longer stable, and the new "Turkish stream" route is also under question.

Interests of Israel
Israel follows its own strategy of deterrence in the Gaza strip, because of the need to blockade the borders to prevent arms smuggling. In recent and ongoing disturbances and instability, Tel-Aviv will try to gain from the most important players - the US and Russia. Washington already adopted an arm deals and aid for Israel for 2016. Russia also needs to be in good contact with Israel because of the military presence in Syria. The Israel lobby in Russia is still strong and much luckier than the pro-US or pro-Turkey lobby. 
So Israel has more options to choose from and also may benefit from the Russian-Turkish crisis (tourism sector, fruit and vegetable sales).

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said last week that talks on restoring ties with Israel were continuing. It will be difficult, because with rhetoric about support for Palestine, Turkey needs to adopt an official policy. And tensions between Israel and Arabs on occupied territories will only grow in the near future.