Turkey Blackmailing Europe with Refugees

The issue of Syrian refugees is to be discussed at the meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in Ankara. Last year, the EU received more than 1 million refugees, with half of them being Syrians. Most of the refugees tended to settle in Germany, where the authorities are positive towards them, providing a variety of social guarantees.

Invasion of Barbarians

The invasion of Europe by refugees has become a serious shock to the entire continent. The discrepancy between social-cultural paradigms of the Muslim immigrants and the hosting communities, as well as clearly parasitic purposes, have turned them into anomie agents in European society. Together with genuine refugees, agents of radical terrorist networks travelled to Europe. Looting, rape and unmotivated aggression against native Europeans caused the growth of right-wing anti-immigrant and anti-liberal dissatisfaction in Europe.

An Impulse for Action

The popularity of Merkel's administration is falling, which has become a major problem. It has to respond to the request of the German people to close the borders. From the point of view of liberal ideology, which the German elite adheres to, there is no reason to stop the flow of refugees from Muslim countries. Their identity is simply not taken into account within the framework of the liberal paradigm.

Tools for Blackmail

Turkey is using the refugee issue as a tool to blackmail Europe. Most of the migrants come from the Middle East to the EU through this country. By using the refugee issue, Turkey was able to get $3 billion from the EU for the comfortable living of refugees. However, the money hasn’t been fully allocated. After blackmailing the EU once again, Turkey allowed more than 50 thousand refugees from Syria into its territory on Sunday. In addition, Turkey is seeking the support of the European countries in its policy in Syria, and in a confrontation with Russia. In particular, that’s why the aid to refugees in European countries is linked to the need to stop Russia’s and Damascus’ military operation in Syria, fighting against rebels and terrorists