Trump’s Inauguration: Tension grows with each passing hour


On the eve of the inauguration ceremony of President-elect Donald Trump scheduled for January 20th, the polarization of American society has reached a breaking point. Contradictions that have been hidden for decades are now surfacing.

Media Provocations

The most important role in the destabilization of the situation is played, as usual, by the powerful globalist media. The staff of CNN talked quite seriously live about considering options for assassinating Donald Trump and Mike Pence. Anchor Wolf Blitzer and correspondent Brian Todd came up with a scenario in which the Obama administration would be able to retain power. To this end, President-elect Donald Trump and Vice-President-elect Michael Pence and their immediate successors must be killed on the same day. During the program, they also mentioned the law according to which the president could be an official appointed by the Obama administration. To do this, a disaster has to occur in Washington.

Protests of radicals

Other liberal media have picked up on the hysteria in the Democratic Party. Some Democrats in Congress have refused to attend the inauguration ceremony. Fuel is added to the fire by the promises of radical groups to disrupt the event and organize mass riots in the capital. Meanwhile, a video recorded by a hidden camera has been published on the internet in which an employee of a large neo-liberal NGO brags of how he bribed homeless people to participate in the protests.

Responsive actions in reserve

Logically, the conservative part of the population cannot sit back and watch as neoliberal fanatics try to disrupt the inauguration of the elected president of the country. Communities of motorcyclists from all over the country have already arrived in Washington in order to prevent provocations. In addition, Trump enjoys the support of veterans' organizations of the US Army, which are also bringing out into the streets their groups of activists in order to help security forces provide security during the event.