Trump's First Foreign Trip: Focus on the Middle East


Donald Trump began his first foreign tour with a visit to Saudi Arabia.

Start with a big deal

The visit of US President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia is really worthy of getting into the Guinness Book of Records. During the voyage to Riyadh, the largest defense deal in history was signed - nearly $ 110 billion, providing for the comprehensive development and modernization of the armed forces of the kingdom. The parties agreed on a comprehensive strategic partnership and signed a number of agreements, not only of a defensive nature, but in particular in the energy sphere, for a total of $ 280 billion, and a memorandum of intent to supply Saudi Arabia with US $ 350 billion For 10 years.

Plot against Iran

In a speech to the sheikhs, kings and presidents, the White House master made it clear that Washington would stop interfering in their internal affairs under the pretext of protecting human rights and would respect their traditions. But in response, he demanded to take part in the anti-Iranian alliance, which was being built by the Americans, declaring Iran the main sponsor of terrorism and a threat to peace in the region. Trump also called for the fight against terrorism. However, he did not give any guarantees that this fight would be objective and that they would stop helping "good" terrorists.