Tillerson visits Moscow without game plan


US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has arrived in Moscow for crucial talks. He will also become the first member of Trump's cabinet to meet the Russian administration.

Syrian complications

Tillerson is visiting Moscow right after the meeting of G7 foreign ministers, where was rejected British plan to impose new sanctions on Syria and Russia in the wake of last week's chemical attack.
Atlanticists hoped that the threat of sanctions would strengthen Tillerson's position in talks with Sergey Lavrov, but the G7 foreign ministers chose instead to wait for the outcome of an international investigation. 

Theredore, American representative has no strong plan how to influence on Russia, but it is obvious that the secretary will be sure to raise the need for Moscow to meet its obligations as guarantor to the elimination of Syria's chemical weapons stockpile. Tillerson will not make any loud statements as well as the Russian side will act cautiously.