The shadow government meets in Turin


While Europe is clarifying relations with American President Donald Trump in Canada, and Russian President Vladimir Putin is strengthening economic relations with China, an equally serious meeting is taking place in the heart of Europe. On June 7-10, representatives of the world elite will gather in the Italian city of Turin - prominent politicians, businessmen, bankers and journalists - to hold the annual meeting of the Bilderberg club.

What is the Bilderberg Club?

Club that conspiracy called the "secret world government", named after the Bilderberg Hotel in the Dutch town Osterberg. It was there 64 years ago, under the chairmanship of a former member of the SS and the NSDAP, the first meeting of the "Bilderberg" was held. The core of the club is about 380 people, one third of them are Americans, and the rest are Europeans and Asians.

By the permanent members of the conference include former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, former CIA chief David Petraeus, the head of the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney, longtime chairman of the FRS, Alan Greenspan, the former US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and Donald Rumsfeld and many other celebrities. Until his death in the same banker consisted world famous David Rockefeller and the famous American strategist Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Bilderberg's meetings are held "without cameras", and you can take part at a special invitation.

Although the members of the Bilderberg Club present their meetings as "open discussion", and decisions - as non-compulsory, the "conspiracy theorists" believe that these people have a direct impact on world politics and the economy.


Globalists against anti-globalists

Unlike decisions, the agenda of the conference is given publicity. This year, the main topics of discussion were the growth of populism in Europe, US domestic policy, free trade, US leadership in the world, "Russia in a world order", the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, artificial intelligence, inequality, etc.

It is worth noting that the meeting in Turin is held in parallel with the meeting of Vladimir Putin with Chinese President Xi Jinping. On the one hand, a meeting of globalists in the person of the Bilderberg club, on the other - a summit of leaders promoting the concept of protecting national sovereignty and a multipolar world.

China is informally presented at the club. The interdependence of the SCO countries and NATO countries has reached unprecedented scale, which requires additional coordination between Russia and China.