Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump

Former governor of Alaska, TV star and former candidate for Vice President Sarah Palin has supported Donald Trump in the fight for the presidency of the United States. This occurred in the forefront of the strengthening fight between Trump and his closest rival Senator Ted Cruz for the votes of the more conservative voters.

Personal support

Sarah Palin came in person to support Trump during a campaign rally in Iowa on Jan. 19, 2015. The former Alaska governor enjoys strong support among the conservative part of the Republican electorate, especially women, and her support can help Trump to win the primaries in Iowa.

The importance of primaries in Iowa

Despite the fact that in opinion polls Donald Trump is leading the presidential race among Republicans, to become the candidate of the party, he has to win the primaries. The next primaries will be held in Iowa, February 1, 2016. Today Trump is behind in Iowa by Ted Cruz by a few percent.

All of Trump’s Men

Besides attracting Sarah Palin to his side, Donald Trump also gained the support of the evangelic leader Jerry Fallwell Jr, which will help Trump to collect votes among religious voters. Celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Stephen Baldwin, Dennis Rodman, Hulk Hogan and Gary Busey have already supported trump.

Middle American

Despite the fact that the neoconservatives previously had actively supported Sarah Palin, she herself does not have a clear understanding of American foreign policy and is unlikely to be able to somehow influence the views of Donald Trump. Palin is a typical example of the “Middle American”, the average American, who can become a celebrity and a popular politician. Her aggressiveness, ignorant judgments, stressing the American way of life, and the defense of conservative Christian values of the average American have brought Palin and Trump together.

At the same time their former connection with Palin can be used by neocons themselves in order to try to influence Trump.  They did not have such channels before, which resulted in a sharp negative attitude to Trump.


The support of Sarah Palin allows Trump to gain votes in the conservative part of the female electorate. Previously conservative white males, mostly small entrepreneurs or workers, largely supported Trump. He will continue to assemble a team of celebrities who are united by dissatisfaction with the existing political system and emotional intimacy with the "Middle Americans”. Trump will most likely win the primaries in Iowa.