Russophobic foreign policy doctrines of Poland and Estonia


Estonia and Poland presented their foreign policy programs, both based on russophobic doctrines.

Decline in relations

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland and Estonia issued  their new foreign policy programs, which were almost similar. Diplomats said that two countries have as their essential purpose to fight against Russian aggression, as well as protecting the interests of friendly Ukraine.


Sanitary Cordon

The geopolitical globalist agenda considers the contries of Eastern Europe like Poland and Estonia as a Sanitary Cordon against Russia. The goal of this is to isolate and block Russian initiative towards Europe. This consists of blocking energy projects and NATO presence near the Russian borders. This policy is a sort of a continuation of Anglo-Saxon policy in the Region which has been used against Russia. Globalist influence includes propoganda and lobbying within Eastern Europe, as well as ensuaring the presence of pro-globalist elites within the goverments and the media of such countries.

Trump's declaration of war against globalists

Donald Trump has declared a shift from globalism to Americanism. This should lead to the weakaning of NATO in the region as well as financial and ideological decline of the pro-globalist agenda. However, this shift will be gradual as the Globalist Chimera has lost the US but still is in power and continues to push foward its agenda. The russophobic policies in the region are clear an illustration of this current situation.