Russia strengthens its positions in Slovenia


After the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin, there will be work to intensify these positions on several fronts


Energy-industrial complex

First of all, Russia will start development of transportation of oil and petroleum products, to supply power equipment for thermal power plants, and construct network facilities and create a transport and distribution center.

There are also proposed plans to work together in the field of information technology.


The geopolitical significance of Slovenia

Slovenia is a member of the EU and NATO. Cooperation with Russia can provide an example to other countries of the alliances, as there still exists a practical need to circumvent sanctions and develop good neighborly relations.

Slovenia has borders with Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, and also has access to the Adriatic Sea. It is the westernmost country of the former Yugoslavia, populated mainly by ethnic Slavs.

It is likely that after Putin's visit to the country, the West will start to spread rumors about the Kremlin's expansion into Europe. This trip also had a humanitarian nature, with Vladimir Putin visiting a memorial to Russian soldiers who died during the First and Second World Wars.