Russia is ready to de-escalate the conflict with Turkey

In 2016, construction of the "Turkish stream" gas pipeline might resume. This was stated by Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak. The statement shows the willingness of the Russian side to make steps forward de-escalation the conflict with Turkey.

Novak's Statement

According to Alexander Novak, Russia is ready to continue the project if interest is shown by shown European and Turkish partners. He made this statement on state television. Previously, the possibility of stopping work on the "Turkish Stream" was seen as a response from Russia for the shooting down of the Russian aircraft over the Syrian-Turkish border.

Unprofitable conflict

The conflict between Russia and Turkey is not in the interests of either country. This harmed  economic relations which are important for both countries, which previously allowed both Russia and Turkey to pursue an independent policy from the West. The conflict endangers the geopolitical position of Russia, due to the potential for Turkey to close the strait, and therefore cut the maritime lines to Russian troops in Syria. It also makes Turkey more dependent on Western support, reducing the sovereignty of the country.  Despite having different interests in Syria now, previously the countries managed to agree on them. According to our sources, the Americans were directly involved in organizing the provocation with the Russian jet.

Both sides are ready for discharge

Earlier, the Turkish side made several attempts to restore relations, but all attempts ended unsuccessfully. Novak's statement shows the willingness of Russia towards a type of detente. Prior to this, the possibility of resuming work on the Turkish Stream was proclaimed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.


Rapprochement in full is not expected. Strategic cooperation in key areas for the two countries will continue, especially in the field of energy. Russia will not end the sanctions against Turkish goods and business.