Russia covers Syria’s skies


Russia's defense ministry has warned the United States that it will shoot down suspicious objects.

The standoff between Moscow and Washington

This statement came amidst the sharp deterioration in relations between the two countries and their fundamentally different positions on Syria. The US military and some politicians (Sen. McCain) have talked about the possibility of striking Syrian and Russian troops.

Russian Major-General Igor Konashenkov said that the "radius of action of Russian air defense systems S-300 and S-400 can be a surprise to any unidentified objects." He also hinted that the Russian military would not treat any differently the trajectory of flights which could be aircraft belonging to the US and its NATO partners.

Step towards a no fly zone?

It is possible that this statement is a prelude to a complete closure of Syrian skies. According to Katehon’s sources in Syria  the leadership of this country welcomes the idea of establishing a no-fly zone under the joint control of Russia and Syria. If this step is implemented, then American logistics will be broken and the US Special Forces who are illegally on Syrian territory, as well as the Pentagon and the CIA instructors aiding terrorists, would be left in extremely unpleasant conditions that would impede their evacuation.