Russia and the US do not find agreement on Syria


Sergei Lavrov and John Kerry did not come to a consensus on the conflict and opposition.

State Department blindness

The US side continues to insist on the listing various terrorist groups as political opposition, which is not acceptable either to Syria or Russia.

Nevertheless, Moscow insists on the establishment of a moratorium on future hostilities, to deliver humanitarian aid to the needy and to organize safe exit for the civilian population, which is in the region of Aleppo.

Erdogan's Pragmatism

A more productive meeting between the heads of Russia and Turkey was held. The foreign ministers discussed a number of issues.

In addition to the Syrian crisis,  the construction of the pipeline "Turkish Stream" was discussed , as well as the intensification of work on the Russian side on the construction of the nuclear power plant in Turkey.

The improvement of Russian-Turkish relations comes against the backdrop of a cooling of ties between Ankara and Washington. Although officially the United States and Turkey still are partners on many issues, including NATO, public opinion and political decisions in the country fueled anti-American feelings and an understanding of the need for the formation of a new geopolitical alliance, which includes Russia and Iran.