Republicans suspect Clinton of perjury


Members of the US Republican Party that head two House committees demanded that the Department of Justice start an investigation of perjury against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.


Republicans want to check whether Clinton lied during her testimony to Congress last fall. Then, the US presidential candidate was suspected of using her private email for work with classified information of national importance.

The criminal

Earlier, a report was published, according to which Clinton used a mobile device for official correspondence from personal email account. However, she had not received official permission from the Information Security Department. As a result, sensitive data could be collected by foreign intelligence services.

Collusion with the FBI?

In early July, the FBI recommended the Department of Justice to not start a legal case against Clinton, despite the fact that she and her staff expressed "extreme negligence" in the handling of classified information. It is also important to note that the evidence gathered by the FBI, "directly contradicted" some aspects of Clinton's testimony. This was stated by representatives of the Republican Party.