Refugees and Migrants: A New Level of a Dangerous Trend


Several international organizations are now holding conferences on the issue of displaced persons.

The OSCE, the OECD and the UN

In parallel, three events are opening today in Warsaw, Paris, and New York. While all these organizations have their own specificities, their themes intersect on the issue of migration at the global level. The issue of refugees will be discussed in the framework of the UN General Assembly. In addition, the OECD will present its International Migration Outlook 2016.



Wars of the last few years

The main problem generating the flow of refugees are the wars taking place in Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia. The cause of instability in North Africa was NATO’s aggression against Libya. The West initiated civil riots and began to supply military aid to various illegal groups in Syria. In Afghanistan, Somalia and Southern Sudan, chronic instability was caused by the United States and Western European countries’ attempts to impose their own vision of political governance, often behind which stand the interests of certain groups.

Europe in Crisis

As part of the refugee flow is directed towards the EU, it has caused, political, social and economic crisis in the community. The ruling liberal elites refuse to acknowledge the failure of the current approach based on human rights, multiculturalism, and tolerance. Migrants are beginning to change the European identity, thus already provoking conflicts within Europe.