Putin visits Eurosceptic Hungary


Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin is heading to Hungary, which is Russian's old political ally despite Russia-West tensions.This is Putin's first visit to the European Union since the U.S. presidential election.

Regaining influence in Europe

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is known for his moderate anti-liberal position and has been critical of the US and EU’s sanctions imposed on Russia. Without the US applying pressure to keep up the sanctions, there is a good chance for a lifting of the sanctions and Russia and Hungary to reach a new level of cooperation and mutually beneficial relations.

A Hungarian delegation visited Moscow on January 23rd as a preface to Putin’s visit with overtures of lucrative deals and mutual understanding. This time, the two leaders are supposed to discuss joint economic and trade projects, the supply of gas through the "Nord Stream” project, and the situation in Ukraine, where there is a Hungarian minority worried over their future because of discrimination.

The particular identity of Hungarians

Hungarians are historically Eurasians, Asian aborigines who migrated to Europe. Russia and Hungary, throughout their history, have had close, friendly relations based on shared values. Hungary is also the only state in Europe whose constitution mentions belief in God.

Hungary is also known for its Eurosceptic position and confrontation with Brussels' dictatorship.

Hungary is one of the staging posts on the way for migrants moving to Germany. For these settlers, it is a desired destination point on the way to Berlin which provides social benefits, housing benefits, and other benefits for workers. A number of countries, mostly Eastern European ones, do not show the same hospitality. Local authorities, with the full support of the population, are opposed to the influx of migrants which they see as a threat to national security and a worsening of the process of the erosion of European identity. Hungary opposes the influx of refugees and illegal immigrants and is building a wall on its borders.