Putin: Russia, Turkey and Iran reduce violence in Syria


The summit with the participation of Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Hasan Ruhani ended in Ankara. Three countries-guarantors of the truce reaffirmed the adherence to the territorial integrity of Syria and intend to fight against separatism.

Guarantors of peace

The Astana format, consisting of Russia, Turkey and Iran appeared in 2017 on the Russian initiative and became a reaction to the inability of the US, the EU and their Middle Eastern allies to achieve a ceasefire in Syria and to establish a political process. "Triangle", which French President Emmanuel Macron calls "the defeat of the West", in fact is designed to prevent the US attempts to prolong the fragmentation of Syria after the victory over the Islamic State.

Together, the three states established zones for the cessation of hostilities: in Eastern Ghouta (near Damascus), Homs, Idlibe, in the south (Deraa and Quneitra) and in parts of the provinces of Ham, Aleppo and Latakia. The three presidents confirmed their commitment to maintaining an armistice between government forces and armed opposition in designated areas.

The heart of the efforts of Russia, Turkey and Iran remains the preservation of the Syrian Arab Republic as an integral state, as reflected in the final document of the summit. The presidents support "sovereignty, independence, unity, territorial integrity" of Syria. And the second key moment is resistance to separatism.